Rahul Gandhi to speak on Artificial Intelligence at Silicon Valley

Congress’s most intelligent person named Rahul Gandhi is now adding a new feather to his cap by being one of the speakers on Artificial Intelligence at Silicon Valley in the United States Of America. Although there is no dispute that Rahul Gandhi is the only person who has the deep knowledge of this subject “Artificial Intelligence” in India but, I was curious to know who could have facilitated this for Rahul Gandhi. As usual, again Rajiv Gandhi’s name was involved as you know Rahul ji cannot do this on his own. Sam Pitroda (chairman of Overseas Congress) brought back to India by Rajiv Gandhi and who was one of the key people behind Telecom Revolution facilitated this visit for Sir Rahul Gandhi.

After losing to Bharatiya Janta Party in almost all the states of India, this news is definitely an important news for the Indian National Congress. Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that it is big blow to Narendra Modi and BJP as there is no BJP candidate who will be speaking at the Silicon Valley. He also claimed that this is the starting of the fall of Modi and this time he has lost big to one and only Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi, who is the top talent in the country when it comes comedy in politics will be addressing the gathering on Artificial Intelligence in the USA on September 11 and he has claimed that he will be adding this to Congress’s vision document for the elections to be held in 2019. He also mentioned that he would try his best to bring Artificial Intelligence in use in the next elections as this would enable to deliver speeches without any errors. He also mentioned that Mahatma Gandhi was the one who laid the foundation to Artifical Intelligence and had researched a lot when he was in South Africa and it was due to this Artificial Intelligence that India was able to force the UK to leave India.


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BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has claimed that Congress party is misinterpreting the AI as a source to implant the brain to the hollow space in Rahul Gandhi’s head. According to Mr. Patra Rahul Gandhi needs to understand that AI means the science of making machines that think like humans and it clearly doesn’t lay a path to brain surgery to impact intelligence to Rahul Gandhi’s head.

Indian National Congress is yet to respond to the allegations made by the Bharatiya Janta Party. But the people close to Rahul Gandhi have confirmed that he was seen packing bags along with his favorite Chota Bheem soft toy. Rahul Gandhi was also seen talking to Digvijay Singh wherein he clearly said, ” Diggy Chacha, now you will see after I get Artificial Intelligence in my brain, I will the most intelligent leader ever born in the history of Indian Politics”.

We feel sorry for the people who will be listening to him at the Silicon Valley and may God bless them with long life and courage to bear the painful speech of Rahul Gandhi.

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