Why You Should Never Order From Zomato !

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This blogpost on the Zomato (online food delivery service) is because of the terrible experience that I had today. I have used FoodPanda and some other services which are pathetic but Zomato has managed to outsmart them all to fool people and make them pay for gutter level services. You may be wondering that I am being too harsh on Zomato and using some of the most unfair words to describe their services. Well, once I will share the details of services by Zomato today and their pathetic way of (so called) resolving the problems faced by the customers. They are pathetic enough to ask customer to bear everything and they can’t issue refund as the quality of food is not in their control. Yes, you heard is right, quality is not under their control – So, Zomato what the hell are you doing in Food Business? Well, delivery of food was in your control, then why couldn’t you deliver on time? Or, is it like you do not have control over both of the essential elements of Food industry i.e. Quality and Delivery on Time?

Before we, start with the story, Lets crack some jokes:

Please check the details below, It says Zomato – Never have a bad meal  – LOL, Shameless Creatures

Zomato – Never have a bad meal.


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So, lets come to main story and start with the Order Details:

I had 2 orders, Spicy Medium Size Pizza, Mexican Chicken Taco and Special Veg Burger. The orders were delivered almost after 1 hour 40 minutes from the time of order and they were not even served hot. Pizza didn’t have the toppings mentioned on the app and Taco was just like paratha roll along with Burger which was packed in aluminium foil (yeah, aluminium foil). I paid a total of 571.02 online for a pathetic quality food and delay in delivery and a non supportive online food delivery service. I asked for 100% refund but that wasn’t provided and after several requests, I was provided with 150 rupees.

Maybe, this treatment of customer exists only in India, if this would have happened in America, Zomato would have to pay 100% of the amount charged along with the compensation of treatment.

Order 1 : Spicy Pizza (Your’s Pizza)

I ordered a Pizza Spicy (medium) from Your’s Pizza from Zomato at 3.09 PM on September 20, 2017 and the delivery time given was 4.05 PM and the most disgusting part was that I got the Pizza at 4.37 PM which is 32 minutes more than the SLA given by the Zomato or the Restaurant. The ordered Pizza was not even delivered Hot and I paid the complete amount for such a product.

Look at the above picture, Looks almost similar to Margherita Pizza but it’s Spicy Pizza (medium size) and there is no topping on the Pizza other than onions. Now, I let me surprise you with the description of the product as mentioned on the Zomato app:

Paprika, Rocket Chilly, Red and Green Bell poppers, Jalapeno, Spicy Paneer, Exotic, Mexican Spice, Indian Masala sprinkled on 3 layers of cheese. Well, if any of you can point out Jalapeno and Spicy Paneer, please let me know. Now, think of the situation in this way; You ordered something & paid in full online, and You get the product cold after 98 minutes with far low quality and yet you are being asked compromise on quality of the product as it’s not in control of Zomato.

Order 2 : Chicken Mexican Taco and Special Veg Burger (Dominick’s Pizza)

The above mentioned order (Order 2) was ordered at 3.20 PM and delivered at 4.40 PM. The restaurant did call me at 3.55 PM to tell that delivery will be late by 10-15 minutes but, the delivery was done after 45 minutes from the given SLA of 3.55 by Zomato app.

Also, the Chicken Mexican Taco was not crisp and obviously not hot because of extended delivery time taken by Zomato. The Special Veg Burger had the same quality as the burger sold for 10-20 indian rupees at the roadside stalls. The Chicken Mexican taco felt like the paratha with some mayonnaise made by a newbie who just saw a How to video on You tube. You may laugh at me for exaggerating the problems faced by me, but please watch the small video that i made to prove my point.

My interaction with a representative at Zomato Chat
It’s a nightmare to talk to a Zomato Representative as they are like Robots sitting there with couple of lines written in front of them which they copy and paste for all the people who talk to them. This actually lacks the human touch, I seriously can’t understand if they are short of staff or they are just trying to mock the people everytime they order from Zomato.
Since the Zomato representative clearly emphasized that they can’t help me with the quality of food as the quality is not in control, I asked someone to call me and discuss on call as the chat seemed so pathetically Robotic. Moreover, the replies on the chat were so damn late. I waited for 5 hours but no one seemed to bother to call me. Finally, I had to reply again to see if there is any update.
Did I get the refund for the Low quality food?
Well, Yes and No. I had to ask for refund several times when I first talked to the representative around 5 pm and finally his heart melted and he said he can only provide me Rs. 100 as Zomato Credit. I didn’t agree to it but the representative clearly said he can’t provide any more refund. So, I asked for the refund again around 9.30 PM and I was given 50 rupees Zomato credits again. And, yeah I got a lot of sorry for stealing my Money by Zomato. So, it was 150 Zomato credits which I won’t be able to use and almost 500 Sorry(s).
Well, order it from anyone but not Zomato. You can order from Foodpanda, Swiggy, Fasos, Sachin Halwai, Shayam Samosewala etc but not Zomato. They have nothing in control in this industry as the food was delivered in 1 hour 40 minutes and that too of low quality. But, if you plan on spoiling someone’s birthday or special moments or party, please recommend Zomato.

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