Why It’s Amazing To Date A Straight Forward Woman? Quick Men’s Guide

Straight forward women are thought to be dominating and hard to adjust with. They are not sweet and definitely do not sugar coat their words. They speak their mind and that’s why people do not find them nice. After all not everyone can stand the truth .

However what we really need to look at is that there are always many reasons behind a particular behavior and why someone would behave in such a manner. Everyone is sweet initially but then life isn’t a bed of roses and hard conditions make people how they are. It is same with straight forward women. They think it’s better to be direct and save time and after some point of time even you’ll realize this and will be thankful that you have a girlfriend like that which saves you from a lot of drama.

Here are the 4 reasons which will totally make you feel awesome about your “straight forward” girl :

1)   She believes in equality and is very vocal about it.

She’ll tell you what she has done for you and also what you have done for her. Take this positively. think about it, she is noticing every effort of yours and is appreciating it. She’s not pointing out things. She just believes in making things clear and equal. This makes you do more and this is something good for your relationship. The journey can be a little difficult initially, since it takes time to understand but it will definitely be fruitful.

2)   She’ll accept her faults but mention yours as well.

Yes, she is really that mature that when she is wrong she is going to apologize to you about it. She won’t make a fuss about it and try to make it up to you.
On the other hand, if you are wrong she won’t hesitate to point it out either. She will tell you that what was done was wrong and she is not alright with it. But give it a thought , is this not better than assuming that you will understand the mistake on your own and come and apologize to her?

3)   She will neither adjust nor compromise on things which are important to her and that include you.

She will meet her friend even if you don’t like that particular person. There will be many people other than you too who have importance in her life and you have to deal with it. You would not like to loose on someone else too so why should she ? Take this like she is not giving up on a friend so imagine how far she can go for you and for your relationship. She loves you dearly so do not take her freedom from her and she wouldn’t mind giving you freedom and space in return.

4)   She is not afraid to be her own self and she will love you as you are.

She is a strong woman and with very powerful thoughts. She will be her true self always. She won’t be changing herself and at the same time she accepts you the way you are. She does not wish to change you. Therefore, you should not expect her to be like someone else. She is happy being the way she is and you liked her initially like that only so believe in your choice and stay happy with each other’s real personalities.
Now you know how your girl have been saving you from a lot of fight so cherish this beautiful bond.

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