Whom should you never trust For a relationship ?

Trust is the backbone of any relationship. This fast paced life has already made people vulnerable to stress and depression. Broken trust is the final nail to the coffin as once trust is broken, it breaks the person completely. You need to understand whom should you trust and whom you should never trust.

Would you like to know the type of people whom should you never trust and avoid being in relationship with such people ? Scroll Down

1.Consistent Liar
Don’t trust someone who consistently lies to other people. This is a sign of the person’s character. If he/she can lie to other, they can lie to you too. Not taking these seriously would cost you you peace of mind and invites stress.
2. Breaks Promise Regularly
Don’t trust someone who breaks promise every now and then. If he/she can’t value the promise made to you now simply means that they would do the same in the future.
3. A Cheater
You need to seriously reconsider your relationship with someone who cheats other. Trusting such a person who cheats other or cheated other means inviting trouble. If they have cheated others or even cheat now, then there is no way they would make you and exception.
4. Has Let you down Twice
Beware of a person who has let you down for 2 times or whom you have caught playing with your emotions twice. It is rightly said that once is the warning and twice is a Learning. Don’t give them chances as they will always find a way to hurt you.
5. Pretends to be someone else
Don’t trust someone who pretends to be someone else but in he is someone else. Such people pretend to be honest and loyal, however when you are not around, they show their real face. Multiple relationships are expected out of them.
6. People who hide from you
Never trust someone who hide things from you. If they make regular excuses, understand that they are trying to hide something and if this is happening on a regular basis, You need to take a step for this.
7. Who reply your Texts Late
Don’t trust someone who takes hours to reply your texts. The easiest way to find if they do it intentionally is , ” When you meet that person always keeps mobile phone in his/her hands continuously”
If they always keep phone in their hands when they are with you, there is no way that they would simply keep it anywhere when they are not around. This simply means that you mean nothing to them.

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