Ways To Know If Your Guy Really Likes You

We girls have a tendency to think a lot about everything, be it about the way we dress or what we eat then how can we not over think about guys! When it’s about guys, we get very paranoid. We want to do the best we can to make things work when we really like a guy but what if that guy is not interested and how to find out how he feels for us? It is actually really simple and all we need to do is observe carefully. So here we bring you four things to look for when you are trying to know about his feelings:-

1)   Observe his behaviour carefully

We have all heard that actions speak louder than words and this is indeed very true. Look how he behaves in front of you. When he calls you up to ask how your day has been or when he texts you “have you reached home safely?” even though he dropped you at the door. Such gestures show how much he cares for you. Otherwise sweet words mean nothing until they are heartfelt.

2)   He can’t say no to you if he cares about you

When a guy is really looking forward towards spending time with you, he is going to pamper you so very much. He will not say no for anything even if he doesn’t really likes doing a thing. He’ll take out time from his busy schedule to go for see a Rom-Com even though he hates it very much. he will do the silliest things for you.
On the other hand, if a guy is not interested in you he is going to make excuses and not meet you again or even call back.

3)    If he likes you, he’ll make you aware about it

He is going to send you good night texts, he’ll bring you chocolates without any reason, he’ll come to meet you just like that, he’ll call you up not because he is free but he was thinking about you even when he was busy. He will be possessive about you. He will not keep you waiting and is going to protect you from things. All this is a way to show that he likes you and feels strongly for you. If things aren’t going this way then this might be a bad news.

4)   If he makes efforts to be in touch, he’s interested in you

He will be texting you daily and will be interested in knowing how things are going at your end. He will make plans for you two to meet again since he is really excited about you two. He’ll even find excuses to call you up. All these things will be done so that he remains in touch with you and you two stay connected.

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