Types of Texts That You Should Never Send A Guy

Exchanging Calls and Texts are quite a common thing in any relationship. In you relationship you may text “n” number of things to the guy you love, but there are certain things which you should never text a guy.

Texting a guy can be really fun but make sure you keep these things in mind 😉
If you have a habit of sending below texts, it’s always going to end in a disaster:

6) It’s over (The Break Up Text )

 If you have decided to break up with him, please be mature enough to do it in person so that you both get a chance to clarify your sides and things end on a good note. Ending a relationship on text is a big NO NO. Also, you might have to face unlimited calls and texts since he might feel to talk to you about it once again.
It’s going to be difficult for you and the other person will suffer because of you. If you want to end it, be confident and discuss it like a mature person

5) Why are you not replying me?

Your boyfriend is a human too and he has a lot of things to do in his life like study or work so instead of being fussy about it , you should sometimes understand this and be supportive . You should provide him with a little personal space too.

4) Dangerous Drunk Texts

We all have read many funny conversations on facebook where someone is drunk and ends up having a very hilarious conversation. But it’s not necessary that you’ll have a same kind of conversation. You might end up saying things you should never have talked about so drunk texts should be AVOIDED.

3) Sending earlier screenshots

Most of the guys don’t even remember what they wore a day before but a girl remembers what she wore even a week before. So girls when you are having a fight with your guy , do not send him a screenshot that’s three months old because most probably he doesn’t remember anything about it and this will only worsen the situation.

2) Do you have someone else in your life?

Girls sometimes you need to relax and control your insecurities. It’s okay to have a little insecurities but if he is not able to give you as much time as he used to do earlier please understand that he must be having a lot of pressure at work and you don’t need to go hysterical about it.

1)    Too much Sarcasm

Sarcasm is fine till a certain level but after sometime it seems to be rude. If you are in the initial phase of your relationship you should avoid being Super-Sarcastic with him.

You need to have a discussion if something bothers rather than being too sarcastic with your man.

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