Top Reasons Why Men Lie In A Relationship

Women always have this question in their mind that why men lie to them ? Well, ladies you need to understand that you are dealing with men and no matter how grown are they, there is always a hidden kid inside them. They are crazy about things they love and will end up doing that no matter how hard you try to stop them.

We have tried to present some of the most common reasons why Men lie to women. We hope that this quick guide will help all the ladies to understand their partners 😀

1)    To avoid drama and live in peace

Men like to avoid situations where the other person might get hurt so even though they do not wish to lie , they sugar coat the truth so that they can abstain a potential fight. They do this often to avoid any argument or even if they sense possibility of an argument, they just lie to avoid it from happening.

2)    So that he does not hurt your feelings

He thinks that telling the truth requires a lot of explanation and eventually you will not understand thus leading to a very dramatic scenario. Also it will hurt you making you vulnerable and very angry. If they are in love with you, they know what would make you unhappy, since they are unable to change themselves immediately, they start lying. They are pretty aware that they are lying and they do feel the guilt but they cant afford to see you hurt.

3)    They are afraid to lose you

A guy thinks if he will be totally honest about himself, he might not be able to impress the girl he really likes. Also, this means he will lose her. Sometimes this makes the guy feel insecure about him too.

4)    To uplift their Egos

You ask him a question and he will answer you that in such a grand way , making sure all the explanation is well put and leaves no space for another question. But come on , we already who that girl was or where he was busy  last night.

5)    To bypass confrontation

A man would lie a little instead of being completely honest because he knows being honest will land him in trouble and in a deep conversation with you.  All he never wants is a deep conversation with you regarding a fight because a guy can never win an argument from a girl, she’ll bring something you did 6 months ago and the funny part is barely remember about it and this means you are in a very dangerous situation now.

6)    Lack of trust in a relationship

Men believe that women gossip and would share their secrets with everyone. In order to save themselves from the embarrassment of being a laughing stock for others due to his private life , men decide to lie about a lot of things .
He might tell you that he trust you very much but deep down he feels you will judge him and this stops him from being completely honest with you.

7)    To maintain his personal space

When a man gets married, he feels as if he has lost his personal space. He no more can hang out at night with his friends because he has his wife waiting at home. He craves for a lot of things that he used to do before he got married but won’t accept it so that you don’t frown.
There are lot of lies such as I didn’t notice that, I never heard the phone ringing , I was in a meeting, I swear about this … and much more which men regularly use in their life in order to avoid a tensed situation. It might seem to be difficult initially but provide him with some space and you’ll see things working really nicely.

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