Things That We Learn About US After Being Cheated On

Going through a break up after you have been cheated on is a type of experience which tests your ability to bear pain. When you go through the break up phase, you realize that the mental pain is much more than any physical pain. You think about that person, no matter what you do. Normal incidents like passing by the coffee shop where you used to hang out with that special person, breaks your heart. The person with whom you thought you are going to spend your whole life is no more standing beside you to share your joy and sorrows. Situation becomes worse when you are being blamed by the person who cheated you that it was your fault which led them to cheat on you.
You start questioning yourself, where were you wrong?
Was it because you trusted him blindly or was it because you were possessive? But with time you start thinking rationally and understand that it was a phase of life which had to end and now you have to be a stronger person and get out of that sad and depressing phase. But yes, the harsh reality is that it takes a lot of time.
Here are 5 things which you learn after you have been cheated by someone: Keep Scrolling!
You accept the fact that even a beautiful thing like LOVE won’t give you desired outcomes!
Love is such a pure and pious feeling that you start feeling that everything is going to be right in your life and this is all you desired for and nothing can go wrong now. But, realizing that your partner was cheating on you makes you feel miserable about it. This is quite a big and mighty blow on your self-confidence and inner-happiness. He/she makes you question yourself, “Did you really deserve this”?
You keep on questioning yourself that you gave your best and ensured that you partner is never hurt, then why on earth he/she did this to you?
But gradually you understand the truth and accept the fact that everything good won’t get you a fruitful reward. You become more mature after being cheated on and start taking decisions more practically. Also, you now know that you deserve a much better person in your life who values you the way you are and understands you as a person.
You figure out that you are tougher than you thought.
When you had him/her in your life, there were a lot of responsibilities that you used to put on your partner and he/she would do it for you. You even told yourself that you cannot even do some activities and you always need someone by your side. You had this assumption that you cannot enjoy just by yourself or go shop because it would be dull and monotonous.
But icing on the cake is when you actually do these things alone after you have been cheated on; you realize you have been so wrong all this time. You can enjoy shopping alone and no one will tell you what to buy. You can have a coffee or an ice cream all by yourself, you don’t even have to share it J . There are plus points to everything, believe me!
Yes, initially things will be difficult to face because you are so used to that person being around and helping you out. But then you get to know that you have enough guts to face the world all alone and you are a much more confident person than you thought you are.  You accept the fact that a single person cannot ruin your life and you have to move on.
Love hurts and so do the people you love
Nothing is easy in life which also means it is not guaranteed to get love in return of love. You might love your family, friends and your partner immensely but that does not mean they won’t hurt you. They might not have the intention to hurt you but unintentionally, they may. What you have to make sure is that you being an adult face the situation with a strong heart. Before coming to a conclusion, you should think about all the perspectives and then act accordingly. Being a good listener and brain-storming before deciding anything always works.
Also, it is not like someone is advising you to forgive the person who cheated on you!
 Cheating is completely wrong and not acceptable. It is wrong both morally and ethically but if that person is really sorry for what he/she has done then you should think about forgiving them and maybe even forgetting them.
You’ll see a change in their behavior if that person is really sorry. Maybe that person is pretending but you forgiving your ex will just make you a bit more calm and relieved about the whole episode of cheating.  Remember, that it is not about forgiving them but it is all about bringing peace to your inner-self.
When you are cheated on , it hits your self-esteem
Your love life is going so amazingly well and then suddenly you come to know that your partner has cheated on you. This has a hell lot of negative effect on you way of thinking. Numerous questions arise in your mind. You tend to think negative, such as : you may think that you were not good enough or you lacked something or may be you didn’t deserve him / her!
At one point of time it makes you feel inferior and your confidence level decreases. This usually happens exactly after the break up takes place and you have all the weird stuff going on in your mind.
But you have to believe in yourself and this is what will make you rise and shine again. A single person cannot make you so weak that you give up on your dreams and your life.
You are a lot smarter now and can judge a person by their actions easily.
You have gone through so much now that you take every little step very carefully. You do find problem trusting people initially but with time wounds heal. Now, you become a lot smarter than you used to be because you take your decisions much wisely and you are able to recognize what kind of nature a person has by the way they behave. You are better version of what you used to be earlier.

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