Things That A Man Expects From A Relationship

Every happy relationship is based on some expectations that both the partners have from each other. Sometimes it is about the unsaid things and sometimes about the things that need to be said. Every relationship holds a very special place for the two people involved and leads to the making numerous memories. Both the partners believe that the other one will fulfill the expectations and this will make them lead a contented life in future. So here we have some common expectations that a guy hold from his girl.


He expects that he will have his freedom and can enjoy it in the same way that he used to be before he entered in this relationship. No one wants to give away their and he even would like to keep things in the same manner.


Everyone loves a loyal and honest partner. He would love to know what makes you happy and what makes you sad. He would like you to be vocal about it instead of dropping hints. Men like straight forwardness and people who are like an open book. Lies and keeping secrets tend to break their trust and this ruins the relationship.


He is your someone special so he is definitely looking forward to all the attention he is going to get from his girl. He really wants you to pamper him. He wants to be the center of attraction and get all your care and love.

Quality time with his beloved

When two people are in a relationship, they love spending time together and every likes to spend quality time with is girl. He would love to go for a movie with you or maybe for luncheon. He eagerly waits for such occasions and might surprise you with unplanned dates because he is missing you.

You will accept him as he is

He believes that you love him as he is. You do not want to change him and you have accepted him in the way he is. He is really glad about the same fact and is truly happy to find someone who loves him for his real self so do not dishearten him by telling him to change.

You will let him protect you

He wants to be your superman and protect you . He likes playing the role of a protector so let him be like that. This is something really special for him and makes him great. Yes, he knows that you can do things on your own but this just gives him a little boost up and energizes your relationship.

You will show him your love

You both love each other and that is why you both are together. So he is definitely looking forward to the moments when you will portray him your love. When you hold his hand or when you come running to hug him, it makes him feel very happy. A peck on his cheek because he got you flowers or a chocolate brings a huge smile on his face.

You both will bring the best out of each other

He expects that you two can inspire ad motivate each other to be better at everything. Be it in the professional sphere or anywhere else. The little pep talk you two can give each other is really important for both of you and holds a lot of importance.

There will a lot of excitement factor.

This is a relationship and excitement is necessary. Not just for the first time when you two hug or the first kiss you two have. Even after it’s been a lot of time, you will get butterflies in your tummy when you two kiss because it is too special and words aren’t enough to explain such experiences. 
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