Things A Man Should Never Say To A Woman

There are a lot of things that a man would like to tell his girlfriend / woman but there are numerous things that he should never ever say to a woman. Everyone has their own way to tackle things and spend their life and if someone will interfere in such matters obviously there are going to be consequences of the same. Many times one of the partner dominates the other partner and tell him / her to do or not to do things. So we have for you a list of things that a man should not say to his woman.

1)   You should not have too many male friends.

A man cannot decide whom his woman can be friends with and telling her that she has too many male friends is totally wrong. If she would not have made male friends, how would you have ended up in her life? Yes, sometimes women can mistakenly trust wrong people but so can men. It’s good when a man is protective but being over protective is totally uncool.

2)   We will talk later.

When you are talking to your girl do not abruptly end the conversation by saying “we will talk later.” A woman has a very powerful mind and such replies make her think that something is definitely wrong. She’ll keep thinking about it and it might turn out to be very dangerous. You can actually tell her the real reason and end the conversation. This way she won’t over think.

3)   Ask questions about her past.

If you have just started dating someone and you’ll ask questions about her past, it will turn the date into a disaster. Such questions can be asked only when two people have been together for quite a long time. And she’ll tell about it herself when you two are really close. But asking such questions initially will mess up things big time.

4)   Do you like me?

Don’t be desperate for it. Such things make an impression that you want things to go very fast and you are very impatient. If this is your first or second date, such questions should not be put at all. It makes her feel scared and she wants to be sure about things first. If she likes you she’ll give you hints and then even tell you.  

5)   Don’t be super critical all the time.

If she cooks something for you, appreciate her. Every time she cannot cook like a five star restaurant’s chef. At least she is making efforts for you. Don’t start picking up and pointing out mistakes. If she’s started doing something, motivate her and don’t criticise. She expects you to be supportive. She already has many people who are ready to bring her moral down.

6)   Give me your phone.

Excuse me, she is an adult and so are you so act like one. Everyone loves their privacy .even though there is nothing in her phone that she has to hide from you but this shows you do not trust her. Trust is very important for a relationship, it is the foundation and you wouldn’t want to dis-balance your relationship because of your insecurities.

7)   I want your password.

Like asking for the phone, asking for the password means the same. You are too insecure and for sure do not trust her. If you want to know about something it is better you ask her and not act like a detective and go looking at all his social networking pages. It is better when you talk about things in person rather than having misunderstandings and wrong assumptions.

8)   You aren’t looking nice today.

There will be some days when she’ll decide not to wear any makeup and a dress. Instead she’ll wear a hoodie and come to see you. She is comfortable in those clothes and she definitely believes that you like her and not her clothes and makeup. And maybe she’ll try to dress up like a different person because she likes experimenting a little. So if you are going to tell her that she is not looking good, that’s something which won’t have a positive impact on your relationship.

9)   “I love you” when you actually just like her .

Girls have a tendency to listen to things carefully and remember them as well. All guys must have experienced some arguments because they said something 6 months before which they now don’t remember but their girlfriends do.
So if girls remember such things then when you say “i love you” to them they really believe you and take it seriously. They won’t forget that you said it. But if you are going to say those three magical words but you don’t mean them it’s better you avoid saying it. “I like you” is much appropriate for you and this will also not give false hopes to the other person.
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