Secrets Of A Happy Long Distance Relationship

We all are aware that to maintain a happy and successful relationship we should be very understanding and take care of everything but when we talk about a long distance relationship, the efforts required are just the double. The distance not only limits the number of personal interactions but also it leads to less personal touch and the effect that one leaves on the other since they cannot meet so often. So we bring to you some secrets that will help you to turn your relationship in a happier one even though you two are living far apart.

1)      Take advantage of the technology

Today we have so many ways to communicate to a person be it Skype, facebook, facetime, hike, whatsapp and what not. There are so many applications that you cannot even keep a count. So use them since this will make you two feel close even though you are far apart. When we are living in such a hi-tech world we should make full use of it and not make excuses for not being in contact with our loved ones.

2)      Make that little time a good one

It is quite obvious that you two cannot communicate all day long since you both have a life to lead and have other priorities in your life as well. So make sure that when you two take in a day, you two converse about good things and try to cheer each other up. Make that little time turn into a good one so that you both look forward everyday to this time and enjoy it.

3)      Make plans for the next date

You two are going to have very less number of dates but make that date super special and do things that you two enjoy. When you meet you should always be ready with the next time you guys will be together. It keeps the fire burning in the relationship which very necessary. The excitement to meet the next time keep things smooth and the relationship contented. This is really one of the important points which should be kept in mind.

4)      Have trust on each other

This is the basic rule to be followed in every relationship. if you cannot trust your partner your relationship is definitely not going to work at all. When two people commit to each other about staying together, it requires a lot of faith and without it the relationship seems pretty meaningless. If someone is staying very far then you have no option but to trust him about his whereabouts and his schedule, after all you cannot behave like a detective around an adult or keep calling his friends to know whether what he told you was true or not. You got to trust the next person and they will trust you and that is how your relationship will go on a higher graph where you have no doubts about each other but complete belief. You know that the other person will tell you about everything that you need to know.

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