Qualities That Men Admire More Than Good Looks In A Woman

We, girls put so much effort when we have to go somewhere. We put on our best clothes and spend so much time when we are going to meet our boyfriend or trying to impress our crush. We make sure that our hair looks perfect and we look good enough so that he notices us even if it’s for few seconds.
But, does it really matter to him that how good you look? The truth is he might not even notice even though you would have taken hours to get ready.  Not all, But for many guys it’s much more than looks that make them fall for you . Such as

1)   A superb sense of humour

A guy really desires to be with a girl who understands his jokes and sarcasm instead of feeling offended. When he cracks a joke, she comes back with a funnier version and she always cheers him up.

2)   Her intelligence

Intelligence makes a man go crazy for a woman. This doesn’t mean he expects her to be super successful but all he wants is her to be logical enough and hold arguments that are rational enough to be conversed about.

3)   Her care and kindness

Guys aren’t really good at taking care of themselves and when they find someone who really cares about them and are always kind to them, it instantly makes the guy feel more attracted to the girl and brings her closer to him.

4)   Her being an independent woman

When a woman is very independent, it makes the man realise how strong she is since she can face her battles on her own. It highlights how smartly she can handle tough situations and this totally makes him think about her more.

5)   When she understands the importance of his personal space

A guy really needs his privacy as much as a girl does so when she respects this fact and lets him enjoy his personal space , it makes him cherish the fact that they are together and increases his respect for her.

6)   Her confidence

The best ornament a woman can wear is her confidence. This quality makes her shine even in a crowd and this one is definitely noticed by all men.

7)   Her maturity and open-mindedness

When she accepts the way he is maturely and does not tell him to change, such things really matter to men because after all no one like restrictions. Also, when she understands his explanations instead of bringing up a fight about it, it really makes him feel happy.

8)   When she’s really trustworthy

When he can tell everything to her and go on and on about it , even the silly things he did without being scared that she might judge him, it attracts him and establishes a closer relationship.

9)   When she’s really supportive

He’ll always prefer someone who was with him even in his tough times, someone who supported him and never let his hope die because a pretty face can never win over a pretty heart.

10)      Her charm and personality.

She makes him laugh and think about good things. She brings positive influence in his life with her presence. Her personality motivates him to do better and then she has a charm which makes him think about her. All these things hold a lot more importance for a man than just mere looks.  

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