Important Things That Couples Fail To Understand

Nowadays couples keep on looking at various options to be happy but they fail to understand important things which make a relationship strong and meaningful. A happy couple is one who understands each other and there is no I in the relationship, it’s all about us. It makes both the girl and the guy feel secure since it implies that you two want to spend your life together and this is not temporary but permanent for both of you. It solves the commitment issue as well. But like every thing, when someone enters into a relationship they have some misconceptions as well. They forget to understand that every relationship is different and there isn’t a rule book that is to be followed. So we have for you a list of things that you forget and which might make you two fight.

Relationship doesn’t ensure solving everything

Yes, it is absolutely right to expect that entering into a relationship will give you lots of happiness and gift you wonderful memories but it never meant to solve all your life problems. You will continue having a life at work and you still have to face your personal problems on your own. So be strong and continue your life confidently.

Your beloved has other important people in their life too

Before you came into her life, she had a life in which she has a loving family and friends. Yes, you are going to be her priority but she has to be with other people as well. Will you ignore your family? If you won’t why should the other person be doing that. Learn to respect each other and give them their personal space. This is a much better way to lead a happy relationship rather than having arguments over such sensitive issues.

It’s not going to be easy

No one ever said it’s going to be easy. You knew it deep inside too. So let’s be adult about it and try understanding each other. You two have to be together and every problem will be resolved after some time. Give yourself and your partner good amount of time for making things work.

You don’t have to change to be loved

People have this major misconception that they have to turn into perfect partners and have each and every quality in them. But honestly, if a person can’t accept you in the way you are then they don’t deserve you at all. Everyone has flaws and you need to accept your flaws and the other person should accept it too to make the relationship work. It makes your bond even more special. Won’t you respect a person much more if they love you for your original personality rather than a made up one?

Forgiving someone won’t make you less superior

Many times you have to go through hard situations and you both will get angry on each other. But what needs to be kept in mind is that it is important to make this relationship work and even if it means you have to apologize, do it. Apologizing won’t make you smaller. It shows how concerned you are and next time the other person will apologize keeping in mind what you did. So forgive and don’t forget your priorities.

People can be busy

You are adults and have a career to work on. You need to concentrate on that as well and same goes for your partner. You both can be busy and if you aren’t able to talk much with your beloved try to understand rather than making an issue about it. Behave like a logical and mature person and the other person will behave in the same manner with you. It’s going to make things a lot less complicated.

Everything can be sorted

If there are problems then there are solutions as well. If we can create problems then we can solve them too. We only need to maintain our calm and then try to understand reasons for what happened. Anger won’t resolve issues but patience definitely will. Just keep in your mind that this relationship is your priority and you are here to work on it and solve things. This will help you to not lose your cool.

You should be expressive

If you want your partner to know something then you have to tell that. If you won’t talk how will he get to know about it? He won’t dream about it. And if you are dropping hints and still he doesn’t understand, speak up. You have to be expressive enough. Communication is a key factor in a happy relationship.

Fake promises hurt both of you

Sometimes your beloved is going to ask you to make some promises and sometimes you will just do it in the heat of the moment but don’t do it until you really mean it. Fake promises leave you two with deep cuts and they even affect the trust factor. You wouldn’t want to lose out on your partner’s trust at any cost. Would you? So don’t do it and save yourself from emotional turmoil.

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