How To Overcome The Pain After A Break UP ?

When someone you’ve loved so dearly decides to leave you, it just breaks your heart and it feels as if your soul is damaged beyond repair but you have to overcome this pain because life goes on. So we have some tips for you to tackle the overpowering sadness after your break up

1) Cry as much as you want. 

Initially you will feel scared because you don’t know when to stop but trust me, it will make you feel really good and less burdened.

2) Do something productive everyday. 

Anything you like or you have had a desire to do from such a long time. It will divert your attention and make you feel happy too. 

3) Find some emotional support. 

In such cases family members can help you a lot. They love you dearly and will stand for you always. Also, you can go to a therapist and talk your heart out. 

4) Don’t be in contact with your ex.

That person might still try to contact you and talk to you and when you are trying to move on it will hinder the process. In such cases you should openly tell your ex that it is over and no conversation needs to take place between you two now. His chance to speak is over now.


5) Be busy

Schedule your day. Go for jogging. Try staying healthy and fit . Watch your favorite series , write and read. This will grow your personality and remembering your ex won’t . And you obviously know what’s better for you, don’t you?

6) Don’t hurry 

Just because you’ve had a break up doesn’t means you need someone else in your life to fill that gap. Don’t be too quick to find a new love. Love takes time. Weren’t you doing great just by yourself when this person wasn’t in your life?
You can completely do that again and even more effectively.

7)Don’t stay alone.

You are in pain but staying alone is not going to help. You have to go out and be a part of this world. Locking yourself in a room is a total waste of time . Do productive things and spend time with dear ones. 

8) Allow your feelings to help you.

Don’t hide your pain and let your feelings flow out. This won’t portray you as a weak person. This will make you feel light and contented. You don’t have to run away from anything at all. It’s your wish how you want to direction your life and one wrong decision can’t damage your whole life.

9)Take your time.

It’s been hard for you and you cannot get over it in a day. Obviously you require ample amount of time to think about everything and it’s perfectly alright. You have all the time, you just have to make sure that you don’t sulk too much that you can’t see the good anymore.

10) Trust yourself

What happened wasn’t all because of you. Everyone can make mistakes. You have to look at the good things and let go of the bad ones. You got to cheer up and start living again happily. Trust yourself that you are capable enough and things will go well for you.

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