How To Know If Your Girlfriend Really Loves You ?

Love is a beautiful feeling which makes a person feel things in a totally different manner, something that they have not experienced ever before. A woman however strong and independent she might be, the magic of love brings unusual changes in her emotionally and mentally and these transitions are easily visible to her man.
Here, we give you a list of 10 significant changes that are visible in a woman when she truly falls for a man . These can be simply found out by the man himself or the woman’s friends since there are a lot of behavioral changes.
Unfamiliar and Skittish behavior
When the lady is around her man, she behaves in an unusual manner which seems to be very different from her usual behavior for her friends and that’s why everyone can recognize the change. She behaves in a more feminine way, keeps looking at her man and is found glancing at him many a times.
She speaks in a low and different tone and is shy at most of the times. This is primarily because she has butterflies in her tummy and she becomes more emotional as well.

This is really a god way to know whether the woman is into you or not.
Giving sweet presents to her man without any special occasion
The woman keeps on finding an excuse to gift something to her man as she wants to make him happy with her little gestures. Usually gifts are given n occasions like birthdays or anniversary but since her man is all she thinks of these days so she buys whatever she feels like is good for the man and gifts it to him .
Acts cute and childlike in front of her man
Since love is such a beautiful feeling, it makes the person go crazy in a good sense sometimes, especially women. A woman might get excited and be bubbly all the time around her man when she’s in love. This behavior is not in her control and she exhibits such behavior because this makes her happy and her man also gives her more attention.
She feels cute about the relationship and it is also believed that women are found to be more attractive when they behave in a childlike manner.  She feels excited, cuddly and exhibits emotions strongly.
Has a lot of questions for the man about his life
When a woman is in love, she is very eager to know about everything related to the man be it his job, what he likes to eat or what are his likes and dislikes.
It is very important for a woman to know about her man as this makes her more confident about their relationship. She has a lot of questions starting from the tiniest things to important things such as life goals because she deeply feels that it’s important to know all this so that they can easily plan future events.
Takes initiative to converse with him
Men do not notice this but women usually do not start a conversation. When a woman takes  initiative and converses with you it means she is interested in you . She makes efforts to keep the conversation going and also keeps in her mind that it is interesting enough so that she does not bore you with her talks. Every man should really appreciate such efforts and also understand and take hints from this behavior.
Exhibits great inclination towards everything her man likes
A woman tries to find happiness in every little thing that brings a smile on her man’s face. Because of this she takes interests in everything her man likes such as football, video games, cricket and so on…
She does so to be a part of her man’s life, to spend more time with him and to give him space to enjoy things which he used to do before she was in his life.
It doesn’t matter how boring those activities sound to her because she truly loves her man and would try those activities as well to make it more interesting.
Puts efforts to impress the man
A woman dresses up in the best possible way and makes sure she is looking nice when she is around her man. She keeps in mind that her best features are highlighted and she looks pretty when she is with her special man. She does so to have her man’s attention and to present herself in a good manner and impress him. It’s natural for women to get ready when they go out but when it’s about that special person the woman for sure puts much more effort to look her best.
Always happy and chirpy when with her man
When a woman is truly and deeply in love with her man she laughs a lot and smiles in every few seconds when she’s with him because his presence makes her happy. Whenever the man and woman will look at each other the woman will smile as she wants to communicate it with her smile to her man that he is all she wants and desires and she treasures him in her life.
She is timorous and shy while maintaining eye contact
When she looks into your eyes and you have that moment of intense passion , she blushes and is shy about it. She becomes timorous and this happens because the special feeling of love makes her heart beat increase and the rush of blood makes her face turn red. This is one of the cutest signal one can get.
She is very concerned about the needs and wants of her man
If a woman is deeply in love she pays a lot of attention to the needs and wants of her man. She makes sure that he gets whatever he wants and on time so that he is happy. She tries to ensure that all his requirements are fulfilled and her man does not go through any trouble. She makes sure she pleases him enough and cares about him a lot. As a mother wants to take care of her child , in the same way a woman also wishes to take care of her man and provide him with everything.
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