How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend ?

Break up is one of the worst situations one has to go through. It makes people vulnerable and fragile. How to break up is a question we all find very difficult to answer. Everything stops making sense and nothing seems right. When you break up, it should be done in the right manner else it will leave deep scar and haunt you time to time. You might still or might not have feelings for her and do not wish to hurt her very badly though you are dumping her. You do have to take care of certain things when you are about to dump her :-

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1)   Be Quick

If you wish to do so, do not waste more time. More time means more false hopes for the other person who has no idea that you do not wish to be a part of her life anymore. More time means you are going to hurt her more and this is not a good thing. Time is really your enemy here so just do it if you have decided that it needs to be done.

2)   Speak Up, Don’t Assume That She will Understand Herself

Indeed actions speak louder than words but when it is about breaking up, you gotta speak up. Here words will really work more and you need to be vocal about it. She won’t have a dream that you’ve decided to dump her so be brave enough to speak now.

3)   Don’t Try To Stay as Friends

You have decided you do not wish to be her someone special so now don’t think about being a friend. Being a friend means being in her life. This will be problematic for you and her both, so do not try to complicate this any further.

4)   But don’t be enemies either

Not being a friend does not mean you have to become enemies now. Try to end it on a good note. End it in such a way that both of you understand how this relationship in future would not have worked and that is why this decision needs to be taken. Make it sound it is something good and not bad. Do not close this chapter of your life on a bitter note. Leave it on such an edge that if you two pass each other ever again in life you both exchange a smile.

5)   Don’t show up and stop communicating

You have decided it is over now so please do not show up on places where you might find her. Give her the space she deserves and the time she requires to heal her wounds. Stop communicating with her over facebook or instagram or whatsapp or any social networking site. Let her have some peace and the strength to go through this.

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