Common Problems Of A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships need more care and attention as compared to normal relationships as there are numerous problems in maintaining a long distance relationship. Whenever there’s a conversation about a long distance relationship, everyone gets a little scared because we all know that it is more difficult to be in it than a usual relationship. That is why we have made a list of problems and their solutions as well for you that you will probably face when you enter into a long distance relationship so that you do not fear it anymore.


1)      Conversations become monotonous
You start having a phase where you keep on having same conversations and it becomes a routine like your work. The element of fun completely disappears and this becomes a problem for you two.
What can be done to avoid this is that you can plan virtual dates and think about topics in advance. There are many things you two can discuss, like movies or books or even some series.

2)      Living in aloofness

You feel the need to be with your partner so much that you end up missing her all day long and build a wall that no one can pass through. No more spending time with friends seems fun to you and you spend all the time alone deep thinking. You should have a social life as well and so does your partner because both of you need personal space too.

3)      Leads to confusion

When your loved one shifts to a far place, you cannot decide how to spend your time anymore. You start going into a shell as you two have to grow apart but this thought is very intimidating for you.
What needs to be done is that you have to accept the fact and instead of ignoring everyone, start spending time with family and friends now.

4)      Hasty and Abrupt Decisions

Couples tend to assume things a lot when they are in a long distance relationship. That assumption makes they prone to take a hasty decision as every small misunderstanding makes them believe that it is not working anymore. Our advice would be to stop assuming things and taking hasty decisions as it will take you nowhere and will only lead to the destruction of your relationship.

5)      Jealousy

He is in another city/state. It is obvious that he will be spending time with other people as well. He cannot survive alone in a far off place. He needs people around him.
You have to understand this thing. Yes, it is obvious that you will feel jealous about it. But try to keep his jealousy in limits. Do not fight over such things. A little jealousy is good but anything in excess is dangerous. So take care of these things, ask but don’t interrogate.

6)      Misunderstandings

Since you two live far off and when you communicate over the phone you cannot see each other’s reactions. This sometimes leads to wrong interpretations of the message. The person might mean something else but you understand it in a certain way and this ends up with an argument and even a fight.
This pisses off both the girl and the guy. In order to avoid such things, one should actually think before reacting and try to be in the other person’s shoes as well. A calm mind will lead to much better solutions.
7)      Over-protective behaviour
The other person is going to tell you about whom he has met or maybe he is going to spend the evening with his friends, if you will keep on texting him and calling him in that while to make sure that he is with those bunch of people only and none else, it will irritate him after a certain point of time.
He is an adult and knows with whom to be and when to come back. Let him be on his own sometimes. He will definitely be able to alright and inform you if something goes wrong.

8)      Cheating

A study found out that cheating is comparatively done less in a long distance relationship rather than in a relationship where the two live nearby. But it not hidden from us that distance also helps in deceiving a person. It makes it easier since the other person cannot cross check enough.
In order to make sure that you do not get cheated, one should be a good observer and take hints from the behavior. One should also try to be very open with their partner so that even if the relationship is not going on the right track the other person can frankly tell about it and does not even think about cheating.

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