Break Up Tips For Broken and Damaged Relationship

If your relationship is damaged to such an extent that it’s beyond repair, it is advisable not to hold on to it and move on. We all are aware of the fact that break ups are really hurtful and give you scars for a life time . So we bring to you some advises so that you can make them less wrenching this time and avoid a great amount of stress.

1) Tell her first 

Instead of going around and talking about this hard step you are going to take to others, talk to her directly. If you aren’t interested in her , she should be the first person to know and not others. Use your mind and decide a good time to open up things to her. It is not fair on your end to spill beans about it. You are going to hurt someone with your actions and still you believe she should not be the first one to about it? Think about it.


2) Try to tell about it at a suitable location 

Don’t talk about this at her place where you can see you two in photograph since she hopes for this to last forever. Nor at your place. You can’t tell her to go away from your when she’s crying . After all this step involves a lot of emotions which need to be taken care of.

3) Don’t break up with her over text

We all have the means to use technology but breaking up over text is the worst decision ever. 
What makes you think it will lessen the drama? She should have a chance to question back and look at your reaction. This gives both of you satisfaction as you both have a clear conversation about all the things and you know you tried to solve things when they were not going in the right direction.

4) Be clear and explain

Since you’ve decided that it’s time to end the relationship, you should tell her the reason and be logical enough about it as well. Say what made you do it. She deserves every bit of explanation and this is not a 15 minute dramatic explanation so take this seriously. If things are not going in the right direction and you are breaking up it is quite obvious that even she things to talk about and complain. Also this will help you to not repeat them in your next relationship. because a person  learns from his own mistake, isn’t it?

5) Don’t fear the tears

You have to deal with a lot of tears , maybe even you’ll cry because at one point of time you two really loved each other though things didn’t turn out well. But don’t make this feel yourself weak and be vocal about what happened. You have to talk at this moment. It is important to know the real reasons involved and not let the other person live in some  kind of assumptions about you or this breaking relationship.

6) Be serious, there’s no looking back 

You feel this relationship needs to end so now you plan to break up. But don’t text her back after some days that you want to be with her again! This is serious business. You have no right to play with someone’s emotions at all. Be sure about things if you are doing it otherwise tell her that you two should work on this relationship.

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