Best Ways To Express Your Love To Your Loved One

Expressing your feelings or emotion is not an easy job. It becomes far more difficult if you have to express your love to your loved ones without using words. Love is all about feelings and here your actions speak much louder than words. In order to make your job easy, we have brought you a list of things/ ways you can express your love : 

1)   Take decisions

Decide what you really want and how you’re going to take things coming from this person. You mentally prepare yourself that  you’ve to keep zero expectations so that even his/her  little love makes you really delighted. It’s your decision that will play a key role in laying a good foundation of a relationship.

2)   Prepare food with Love

Everyone can’t cook like professionals but it’s perfectly alright. Prepare small easy meals for your loved ones because they do notice that you try and certainly appreciate your efforts. After all, love does all the magic.

3)   Surprise with Gifts

No one expects gifts very often but that’s the trick. Pamper them with little gifts, it shows how thoughtful you are and It makes them feel special. Remember, price doesn’t matter but the feelings do.

4)   Bestow Compliments

Express how you feel, if you find her pretty do tell her. Hug her when you feel like. Don’t tell her hair looks nice if you don’t mean it but do compliment when you notice.

5)   Acknowledge and appreciate

Appreciate what they do for you. Be it a small gesture or a big one. Acknowledgement makes the other person feel important and contented. It motivates the person to do more for you.  Be kind and compassionate towards them.

6)   Perform your own Gestures

There are always those special acts that one does for his/her loved one only. Those little gestures which only you two know about and this makes it more special. After all who wouldn’t love to be pampered..!!!

7)   Take charge

Even though you like pleasing the other person but you have to take charge and be vocal about what you want. You should openly express about your desires, how you see them as a part of it and how you do have a vision about your life. It is not always about compromising and adjusting, sometimes things need to be said and heard as well.

8)   Be Supportive

You require your personal space and so does the other person. Be supportive about things they wish to do in life because it is all about understanding which makes a relationship work. Let them know you care and you will be by there side whenever they need you.

9)   Make her aware about the real you

When you tell a person about yourself and how you really think about different things, it makes them aware how you really are. It also gives them a hint that you have something for them because we only converse about ourselves with people we are fond of.

10)  Awe them with your presence.

She expects a long text trying to console her when she is sad but instead you awe her with your presence. You buy her comfort food and give her a long hug. This makes her feel so loved that she forgets about her problems for some time and be thankful to God for all that she has because you make her look at the good things in a bad situation. 
Did we miss on any point ? Please let us know !!

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