Signs He Is Your Someone Special

Women tend to get confused when it comes to choosing the special one/life partner for them. They always have this confusion as to how they will get to know or find out that the man she is dating or wants to date is that someone special whom she would like to stick to for the rest of her life. They are scared of getting their hearts broken and prefer not to make their move until they are quite sure about it.
In order to make things easy, we have jotted down a list of things which a man would do for you if he really loves you and this will help you to know if that person is your someone special or not. 🙂

Morning texts

He sends you a good morning text every day and initiates a conversation. Though this is a little gesture, this proves that you are the first thing on his mind when he wakes up. Isn’t this adorable?

He makes you feel pretty

He compliments you and appreciates your efforts which make you feel good about yourself and a lot more confident too. This shows that he is also putting efforts from his side to take this thing to the next level.

He takes care of your safety

Whenever you two are together he makes sure that you have put on the seatbelt because he cares for you and is concerned about your safety. He does not want to risk your life. This is a really sweet gesture and really commendable too.

He likes to surprise you

Even though it’s not a special occasion he brings up flowers or chocolates or a cake for you. Your smile matters to him. He is trying to show you that he does not take you for granted and you are constantly on his mind.

Intimacy is not everything for him

Yes, he does have his needs and some desires but what matters to him the most is your level of comfort. He is not in this just for being intimate with you. He wants this forever so he is ready for things to go slow but to stay forever. He is serious about this and does not plan on ruining it at any cost.

He has started to understand you

It is said that “ don’t try to understand a woman because either you’ll start loving her or you’ll become crazy” and this is completely true. So he finally has decided that he wants to understand you and now he even knows what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Which habits irritate you and which make you excited. Isn’t it good news?

He supports you

Whenever you are struggling through, he is there for you. He makes you believe that he has got your back and you have his. you two can tackle any problem and you are strong enough, you just to be confident. He supports you in every situation. He is gentle and knows how to handle you when you are feeling low.

He turned into your best friend

You discuss everything with him and so does he whoever silly or weird it might be. You two are really frank with each other . he is the first person you would like to tell your things about and he feels the same way. When you two are together you cannot keep track of time and it feels bad when you have to go back. He has become your best friend in every manner.

He trusts you

He has no doubt about you two. Everything is crystal clear and things seem to be pretty sorted. He knows he can trust you and you won’t let him down at all. The bond of trust between you two is now unbreakable.
He understands your needs
He loves spending time with you because it is the best time for him during the whole day but at the same time he respects you and understands that sometimes you require being alone in your own personal space and he provides you with that. He doesn’t mind that. Instead, he lets you be on your own and tells you that he will be there if you need him at any point of time because he genuinely feels for you.

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