9 Gestures Of Men That Women Don’t Like

We all have some good habits and some bad habits. But certainly there are some common habits of men that makes women go completely mad.  Women generally use this statement, “We must have told them about it many times and even reacted but they won’t notice or give it a little heat and in the end we are left with no option but to let the things go as they are.” So here we bring you a list of the most common gestures done by men which spoils the mood of the women. Men, don’t forget to memorize it and follow it from day one 🙂

Ignoring her for his guy friends

Women do understand that men love spending time with their guy friends ad having a drink with them but does that mean you have to ignore your lover? You should manage the time well between her and the guys. If the weekend is the only time to spend time with the loved ones then we believe we can be a little part of it too .

Pretending to be someone else.

A woman will like a man for his actual personality and if he will pretend to be someone else, after some days things will start falling apart as he cannot continue his acting for much time. So if you want her to like you , be true to her.

 When he hears but doesn’t listen.

A woman is really excited to tell her man about everything she’s done or something interesting she came to know about. But when the man acts as if he is listening although in reality he is just hearing and not paying attention at all, this pisses her off to a great extent.

When he has a cold-shoulder attitude.

A woman would love to listen about her man’s problems instead of him having a cold shoulder attitude. He should not hold things in his heart and be vocal about it. It makes the two trust each other more and makes you more comfortable with each other.

When he is opinionated

It really pisses off a woman when she is told that she cannot do something because she is a woman. If a man discriminates and thinks he is superior, it instantly makes the woman dislike him. Such a kind of thinking is not at all acceptable.

When he is very egoistic.

Everyone likes to stand up for their self esteem but when it turns into go, it messes up everything. No one likes to be with someone who keeps on boosting about everything ad has an ego problem. It makes you look arrogant and rude. Such things give negative vibes and makes the man seem very unpleasant.

When he cries too often

It seems very sweet and sentimental when a strong guy cries since it shows that he was trying very hard to hold his emotions but could not do it anymore. But if a man cries on everything and is always emotional, it just makes the woman feel really bad. You cannot act weak every time.  Everyone desires to be with someone who is strong and can handle situations.

 When he asks too many questions

If you will ask so many questions from a woman then it shows that you doubt her. She will tell you everything on her own and you do not have to be a detective and be all inquisitive. This makes her lose interest in you as you are interfering a bit too much.

When he is not ready for commitment

A woman loves someone who is very committed and loyal. But if the man shows the opposite signs as gets nervous about commitment issues, it just makes the woman feel terrible about the special thing you two have. So if the man is not ready for the commitment he should tell about this to the woman and stop her from having expectations. Either be firm about your decisions and promises r inform the other person that what you have is not serious for you because hurting someone emotionally is one of the worst things one can do.
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