Common Lies Your Loved Ones May Tell You

It is believed that trust and honesty set the foundation of any relationship, especially LOVE. But every relationship has some secrets and sometimes hiding things or keeping secrets might hurt the other person.

We have enlisted some of the typical lies that you may come across, you do not need to judge your partner on the basis of the common lies as every relation is different from one another.

Here is the List of 8 Common Lies :

1) “I’ve never discussed about our private life with anybody.”

At least once in our life we have had a conversation with our friends about our intimate and private life   either to take advice or to share how amazing our love life is going. Can you really run away from this one ?

 2) “Everything is fine and I am okay ”

People usually  say this  when  they don’t wish to sound lame with their little problems but at the same time want their beloved to read their mind and understand the problem. They don’t speak about it themselves because they think it will make them look cranky and childlike.

 3) “Looks don’t matter to me”

Though it is true that looks don’t make you fall in love. But the first time your beloved met you and had an urge to talk to you was because of your appearance. It has nothing to do with you being hot or fat or thin or fair but initially your beloved approached you was because of your looks and not your nature. Guess what! Looks can be deceptive 😉

   4) “I adore your friends”

This one is the most common lie. Come on, we all know that there is that one friend who is always with your beloved and you cannot be fine with the fact that they go along so well. It makes you feel so jealous but still you act calm and patient.

 5) “Look, Money isn’t everything”

It sounds great but let’s face the reality, we do need money to live  a contented life with our loved ones and especially when you are married. No one minds if the other person shares the load financially and does expect a little help at the economic front as well.

6) “I am unable to meet/call/text/Skype you because….”

When the other person starts making excuses and does not take interest in conversing with you, you should understand that he/she is no more interested in you. A person however busy he/she might be will take out time for you if they really care about your well-being and emotions.

7) “I don’t wonder about my ex nor will I ever compare you with her/him”

He/she has spent a lot of time with a person and clearly cannot forget so quickly. This is though very selfish of him/her to think about his/her ex. But you should give your beloved some time to get over his/her ex and not allow this thing to ruin your relationship.

8) “I Love You…!!!”

It is not something which your beloved means to lie about but sometimes the situation is such that he/she has no other option rather than saying these three magical words because one believes that it is better to lie than to break someone’s heart.

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