7 Ways To Find Out If Your Man Really Loves You

When you are truly in love with someone you have this constant fear that the other person might not be in love with you as much as you do. And since no one likes to get hurt, you always try to find it out some sort of signs which can prove his love for you. Many a times you judge you man by his behavior or the way he treats you.
We have listed down 7 major questions that you should ask yourself in order to known whether your boyfriend is really into you or not. This will also answer whether he is looking for a long term serious relationship or just playing with your emotions.
1)    Does He Respects you “ALWAYS”?
 Is he always sweet and caring to you or does he change with his mood? It is not okay to be good at once and at be rude to you on the other hand since this shows lack of respect for you and it won’t even be tolerable in the long run.
2)    Does he keep his promises?
If a guy really loves you, you will definitely fall in his priority list. He might have sudden plans with his friends but he will inform you and not go if it clashes with your plans. Is he really keeping his promises and being by your side? If no, then you should really think about where things are going.
3)    Are you both playing an equal role in this relationship?
Both of you feel like going out but he always decides what to eat and where to go. He tells you what’s better for you two. He makes sure everything is done according to his taste and you have to do as he says. If it’s true, time to change things because where is the equality here?
4)     Can you trust him with your life?
Trust is the most important part of a relationship. You know him from a long time but still hesitate to talk about things because you think he might judge you. He tells you something but you cannot believe his words. Then you should really reconsider about your relationship and sort this.
5)    Does he accept his love for you?
He does not hesitate to express his love for you either publicly or when you two are enjoying your special time.  He feels honored about you being a part of his life and is contented about it. Acknowledgement of love on a regular basis is very important for a good relationship even if you have been together for a very long time.
6)    Can he envision his life without you?
You are having a late night conversation with him, he talks about his future plans and how he wants to spend his life. Does this conversation involve you as a major character? Think about the answer and you know whether he dreams a life with you or without you.
7)    Is he there with you when you need him?

If he is truly in love with you, you don’t even no ask him to be there. You will find him always by your side through your thick and thin. He’ll be there to celebrate your good times and will cheer you up when you are having a bad time.
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