Things Happy Couples Do that Struggling Couples Don’t

Love and relationship are quite an interesting phase in anyone’s life. Being in a relationship changes one entirely, it may make life exciting or turn it into a stressful life. Every couple wants to be happy and spend a peaceful life full of good times with their partner, but very few are able to achieve it.

Lets discuss the 10 Things Happy Couples do that Struggling couples don’t – Scroll Down

1. Happy Couples Plan Special dates

Happy Couples find time for special date nights, no matter how busy have been their lives. On the other hand, struggling couples are too busy to plan such thing. They allow busy life take over their love life.

2. Happy couples Travel together

Happy Couples travel together as this helps them to know each other better and explore a bit more about each other. This increases the bond and spreads positivity in relationship.
Struggling couples are not too adventurous with each other and travelling together to new places never falls in their priority list.

3. Happy couples are Positive

Happy Couples are happy about the small things they have and they pay attention to whatever they have got.
Struggling couples are stressed out about the things they don’t have and this spreads negativity in the relationship.

4. Happy Couples plan surprises

Happy Couples never tend to get bored of their partner. They plan regular surprises for their partners in order to make them feel special.
Struggling couples never think about putting extra efforts to plan any sort of surprises. They don’t think that this is going to make any difference.

5. Happy Couple Support each other even in their downs

Happy couples love each other even when they face downs in their lives. Rather, if one is facing downs in his/her life, their partner take extra care and treat with more love.
Struggling couples don’t give special attention to downs of life of each other and at time completely fail to acknowledge that special love and care is required in case of bad phases of life.

6. Happy couples know each others need

They tend to put extra efforts and understand needs of each other. They dont think its a burden for them to put extra efforts and make each other feel special.
Struggling couples try to blame each other for not able to do something special and do not put extra efforts.

7. Happy couples take stand for each other

Happy couples always take stand for each other even when the world stands against them.
Struggling couples often tend to avoid such situation or may not show their 100% support.
Are you a happy couple?
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