7 Reasons Why Your Relationship Doesn’t Make You Happy

None of the relationship is perfect and we plan about making it so damn perfect but none of our plans work. We tend to fall in love many times before we meet our soul mate. Sometimes relationships do not work because the two people are not compatible enough and sometimes because they tend to ignore important things like understanding each other. There are many reasons because of which a happy relationship turns into a sad one after some point of time.

We have listed here the most common reasons “Why Your Relationship Doesn’t make you happy” or “Why it ends after all that planning you have done” for you so that you take care of them and work on them before it is too late:

1)   When we ignore the fact that everyone is different.

Everyone is different from the other person even if we talk about twins. We all have our own choices and preferences, when we stop respecting this fact and impose our choices on others, things start falling apart.

2)   When we stop being optimistic and start being pessimistic instead.

Things can go wrong many times in our life but this doesn’t mean we should stop being positive. Stop finding out faults in everything and look at the good things in life. Your loved ones won’t hurt you intentionally.

3)   When we stop forgiving and start holding grudges.

People do make mistakes and learn from them but we should forgive them. We should not hold grudges and especially not against our beloved. After all, to error is to human and to forgive is divine.

4)   When you stop finding happiness.

You might not be able to find happiness in your partner but are you able to find happiness within yourself? It is time that you realize that everything you want to change is going to start with you so if want to feel happy and not sad, you have to make efforts.

5)   We Forget that Everything cannot go according to the plan.

You cannot control your life. You do can plan it but even God has some plans for you so if things go a little mismanaged and you divert from your direction. Don’t worry. Rise again and face the problems together with courage.

6)   Jealousy does no good.

Be happy for other people and not sad. Don’t envy someone because they have something you don’t. These things affect a relationship and turn into a bad direction. You will get what you deserve when you work hard enough for it. Being jealous from others only turns you into a sadistic, nothing else. And this certainly doesn’t helps in any manner to anyone.

7)   You should not be comparing.  

You should be happy with what you have. Do not compare yourself with anyone else. Everyone has their own story and till you don’t know about it how can you compare or comment on it?

Also,  one does the most he/she can for you to make you happy. If they have done something for you, appreciate the effort instead of comparing how much you have done else they’ll stop doing even that bit

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