Common Lies Which Women Tell Their Partners

A woman may give all that she has to you, i.e. her heart and her body but there are a number of things a woman will not share with the man she is in the relationship with. The reason they might keep these secrets is that they believe that telling the truth will bring a distance in the relationship she has with her man. Moreover, they may go beyond all the distances to protect them from their lover and may even fake stories to please. We have made a list if the most common secrets women keep from their partners:
·         They Still Keep a Check on Their Ex(s)
Women tend to keep a check on their ex-partner via the social networking sites and if the social sites don’t give them a lot about their whereabouts, they try to get this information from their mutual friends. This doesn’t mean that they still want to get into their ex’s life but they are just keen to know about ex’s life and hope that ex will never get anyone better.
·         They think about Sex a Lot
Women want sex far more than we believe and they feel just too shy to share that they want it much more than you. They even may have their secret fantasies that they have been planning to share with you but waiting for the right moment to get comfortable with you.
·         They are still preserving the memories of their ex(s) and their gifts
Nowadays, women don’t waste their time to cry over a crappy person who cheated but surprisingly, they still save that first love letter they got it from their ex lovers or the biggest gift that they over got. They even try to relive the memories at the favorite spot they had with their ex.
·         They Don’t Like Your Family
Even if the girl is madly in love with you, she will never agree that she doesn’t like your family and she might even find the reason to avoid situations wherein she has to face the family. She does this so that she doesn’t jeopardize the relationship with you and she certainly doesn’t want to hurt people who are close to your heart. And yeah, She hates your mom the most.
·         They Fake Orgasms
A woman always finds the ways to please her man and she believes a good intimate relationship with her man will boost the closeness between her and her man. Faking an orgasm is one of the ways she convinces that you are good at pleasing her and she knows this will also boost his ego and bring a smile on his face.
·         Even They Are Nervous About the Commitment
Usually, it is considered that it’s the male who run from commitment and the truth is that even women find excuses to avoid commitment as they are scared of the future of the relationship. They fear that she might not have a pleasant relationship and she also fears if she has the right man for her future.
·         They Don’t Want to Hear about your Past Relationship
The last thing on the face she wants to hear is your intimate relationship with your ex(s). This may not only make her mad but this would make her feel that you are not serious about her.
These are some of the most common lies that women tell their partner and this doesn’t mean that you should judge them. Understanding women is one the most complicated thing and it’s not only about women, rather it’s about humans. We hope that the article was good enough to give you the insight of what women usually lie about. Do share your views

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