7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kissing

Generally, when we think about kissing and relate it to health, we think about it as a transfer of germs from one person to another, totally unhygienic but yes romantic indeed. However, to your surprise it has some amazing health benefits too provided both the kissers do not suffer from contagious diseases
Not only it strengthens your immunity system but it helps you to be healthy in many ways. Kissing is known to lower down your stress and make you feel relaxed. Furthermore, we have listed down some of the amazing health benefits of kissing, such as
1)   It lowers your blood pressure.
When you kiss, it reduces your blood pressure by dilating your blood vessels. One of the experts says that while kissing the heartbeat revs up in a good way which lowers your blood pressure.
2)   It cures you from headaches and cramps
When the blood vessels in your body dilate while you are kissing, it acts as a pain reliever especially when you have a headache or during your menstrual cramps.
3)   Helps you to fight against cavities
When you kiss, there is a lot of production of saliva in your mouth. This saliva then helps to wash away the plaque on your teeth which is usually the cause of cavities. This in turn makes you feel freshened up and also prevents bad smell from mouth.
4)   It makes your body discharge happy hormones and reduces stress
A kiss makes you feel happy , oh yes we all know that but the scientific reason is that while you are kissing the brain releases feel good hormones like  dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. This makes you feel really good about your relationship too.  Kissing also reduces s stress and releases epinephrine into your blood, making it pump faster, which may result in a reduction of LDL cholesterol.
5)   It burns calories
A vigorous kiss can kill 8-26 calories but this definitely doesn’t mean this can replace your treadmill. so do not use it as an excuse to skip gym or exercise .Though this might help you to not feel guilty about the little piece of chocolate cake you just ate.
6)   It boosts your immunity system
Kissing results in boosting of your immunity system. It also helps to decrease the allergic responses in people with skin and nasal allergies. One of the studies suggests that kissing leads to increase of women’s immunity from Cytomegalovirus.

7)   Others benefits
There are many other advantages related to health as well such as boosting self-esteem , decreased cortisol stress hormone , tones facial muscles , low anxiety level and good mood.

So not since you know about these benefits and you are too happy about it. Do like and share this so that your someone special comes to know about it too.

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