Things Men Do That Make Women Feel Ugly

Women are sensitive to even the smallest of gesture that her man portrays in front of her. Today we are discussing 6 actions of men which can make women feel ugly or unwanted. We all at some point of time have agreed that men aren’t really good at expressing their feelings for women but those same men sometimes tend to make such actions which make women feel terribly ugly because actions tend to hurt people a lot more. So we have put up for you 5 actions which men should take care of in order to make their love happy and make them feel special.

When her efforts are ignored

Guys usually do not notice the efforts that women put in to make their day better. When her efforts are being acknowledged it definitely turns her off and spoils her mood because you are the only person who’s opinion matters t her and if you won’t say anything how is she going to feel good about herself?

Praising another girl in a better word that he has ever said to her

She is your girl and deserves all the sweet words of yours and if a guy will give more importance to someone else, it is obviously going to create problems for the two. She expects to be the one whom you notice the most and not others.

Never initiating a loving gesture

When a guy never takes the initiative to kiss or hug his girl, it makes the girl feel very unattractive. It makes her think that she is not good enough for the guy and that is why he resents to kiss or hug her. Why would someone not hug her beloved else? Such thoughts ruin beautiful relationships as this leads to insecurities.

Checking out other girls

The guy might be doing it just like that, a hot girl passes by and he would check her out but if he again turns and looks at her, this is totally not acceptable for his girlfriend. If you do it once she will ignore it but not twice. It makes her think she is ugly and that is why you look at other girls even though she is right beside you and you should be concentrating on her.

Being busy with your phone

When your girl is in front f you and all you do is keep texting someone else with your phone, it breaks her heart. She is there to spend time with you and not watch you using your phone. The reason you two meet is to spend some quality time. You can use your phone at home as well. No one is going to stop you. It is a mark of disrespect when you keep fiddling with your phone when you are meeting someone.

Interrupting while she talks

She is telling you something but you do not even want to hear it and you would cut her in between to tell something about yourself or maybe just prove her wrong so that she does not speak anymore. No one likes to be interrupted. Wait for your chance and put forward your thoughts when she is done with her’s.

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