6 Signs That Your Long Distance Relationship Is In Trouble

When you are in a relationship and your better half lives in another city or country, the relationship requires much more effort because you two cannot meet often and all you can do is text, call or Skype maybe. This distance starts’ bringing up little issues between you two and these might end up in big fights. So we have some signs for you to know about the track of your long distance relationship.

1)  Misunderstanding Is On the Rise
We have certain expectations from the other person and so does, you hope that they’ll understand about it on their own but when that does not happen it hurts. Since you two stay away, you start having doubts on each other which adds cracks to your relationship. These conversations where one tries to clarify things turns into an argument and then you two decide not to talk for a while.
2)   Efforts aren’t equal from both sides
One person might be so enthusiastic about talking to the other person that they complete every work before time so that you two can talk for a good while if not spend quality time in person , at least you can have virtual quality time but the other person might not do the same because they have other priorities .

3)   Gestures become obligation and duties
Initially what you two used to do certain things for each other in love, but now it has become a duty for you two. You don’t enjoy it now but you two have to do it because it is like a daily routine that you follow just like work and the conversations have started turning into arguments.

4)   Jealousy overpowers love
If he tells you something and explains why he has not been able to catch up with you over texts lately, you assume they are not being honest with you and he might be having someone else with whom he is spending his time. This jealousy factor damages the relationship to a great extent.

5)   Secrets are being kept
When everything you two tell each other leads to doubts and arguments, this is a clear and visible sign that things are going in the wrong direction. Trust issues are the major issues which have to be dealt with while you are in a relationship, especially a long distance relationship where you two have no option but to trust the other person.

6)   Everything has become serious and fun is missing

No more you two have those romantic conversations and the element of fun is totally missing. You two end up having formal conversations just to make sure that the other person is alright and taking enough care of yourself. It seems as if you are in a dilemma about this relationship. You have put things as it is and want to change nothing about it. No news involves excitement or changes the attitude of you two, as if you two have become too lethargic.

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