5 Ways To Move On After A Break Up

Break ups are heart breaking and make you feel sad all the time. It makes you think negative about that one person and you constantly think about how things could have worked and how you two could have stayed together but now let us face the reality. You have broken up with that person and you have a life to live and enjoy so concentrate on that. We have prepared a list of 5 ways to move on after you have had a painful break up.

01)   Be mature about it.

People are going to ask you about him/her and what happened because they are used to seeing you two together and also, people love interfering in other people’s life , especially when it’s something sad so don’t take stress. Tell them about it if you feel like, otherwise don’t. You don’t have to give them any explanations. You don’t have to speak ill of him/her or prove how he/she was the wrong one and how you made a bad decision.

02)   Take some responsibility

Now this has happened and people will raise questions. Your common friends will be eager to know what made you two decide to break up. It is definitely not about making him/her the culprit. Sometimes things don’t end up in the way we would like to have them be like. You can take some responsibility in this too. If a relationship starts because of two people falling for each other, it ends up because of those two people who no longer can make each other grow into better human beings.

03)   Don’t try to be the victim

Girls usually play the victim card because they feel weak after such incidents and are fine showing that they need a little attention since they are hurt but guys don’t like to show they are hurt. Nonetheless no one really should play the “I am the victim” card. If something wasn’t meant to last, it won’t. And if it was bad you should be happy that it’s over and not cry about how and why it all happened and what all took place in your life because of this relationship.

04) Work on being better 

It’s done now. It’s over. So wake up, tie your laces and work on yourself. Try being a motivated person. Try being happy. Initially after break up one feels emotionally weak but show everyone that strong people rise and shine bright after a problem comes. They don’t lose hope and go in a direction which develops them further mentally and physically both.

05) Live your life

Don’t stop going to parties or hanging out with friends. Bad things happen and so does good things. This doesn’t means your life will stop after an incident. You cannot let someone decide the course of your life. Find what you like doing and what you are good at. Spend time doing fruitful activities which makes you a better person. Nothing in life is easy to get so if you want happiness in life, you have to work hard and get it and your family and friends will always support you, no matter what happens.

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