5 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Smooth

Everyone has their own ideas about an ideal relationship. We all face problems some of them maybe similar and some of them would be different. But there are some certain things in it that we have to take care of so that the relationship goes on well and doesn’t end in a bad way. So here are few tips for you so that your dating game keeps on going strong.

1) Communication even in the bedroom is needful.

Yes, this is about you two being intimate. A woman might have some things she always wanted to try and a man too has some wild thinking for sure. When the two communicate about it, it definitely gets better and the two enjoy more. So what’s important here is that both of them wish that the other person will fulfill his/her needs and to know the other person’s desire you have only one way and that is to communicate with your partner.

So next time when things turns naughty, remember what we explained and have fun.

2) Stay enthusiastic 

Initially when you start a relationship both of you are very excited about everything. The first kiss, the first hug , the first time you hold hands and much more. But with time the excitement fades away. So what’s important is that you maintain this enthusiasm for everything even its happening for the 100th time. Be romantic.  This is something really vital. Your excitement will make the other person feel really special and just make her day.

3) Try role reversing 

It’s not 19th century and even at that time people used to do what they wished to. So now don’t stick to old traditions. Cooking isn’t just for women and driving isn’t just for men. Do what you are good at. Also a woman doesn’t need to wait for his man to express the feelings first. The woman can express first too. And the man shouldn’t take this on his ego or think Ill about the girls character if she’s vocal about her feelings 

4) Be practical 

Things won’t go always like you planned them but you are an adult so you should understand this. No more will the Prince Charming come riding a white horse and girls aren’t going to be dressed up 24*7. Both of you have a life and need to work too. You can’t spend the whole day with each other. If the other person isn’t replying he might be busy and isn’t ignoring you so stop procrastinating.

5) Don’t compare 

Your best friend might have gone on great dates with her guy but this doesn’t means you’ll complain about it to your guy. Because your best friend might have problems in her relationship that she’ll never tell you about. Your guy will do the best he can. Comparing is the worst thing one can do. Everyone is different and they have different qualities and things which makes their relationship special than others 

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