Things to Follow when You are broken Inside

Life is not easy and everyone faces a phase of some days, weeks or even months when everything around you seems to work against you and everything that you decide to do is completely backfires and hopelessness is the only feeling that stays by your side. You need to understand that these hardships are in your life for a reason and that reason is to make you stronger and bring a new version of you.  Relationships have the power to strengthen you or destroy you mentally and it’s important to stand up back again as this is your life and no one has the right to destroy it.
Want to know, how you can be strong back again when you are broken inside? Well, we have prepared a list of 5 Things to follow when You are broken Inside – Scroll Down:

Clear Your Thoughts
Let the negativity flow away from you. Don’t involve yourself into too much of thinking and allow negative thoughts to control your mind. Too much of thinking would eventually take over your capabilities to strengthen yourself. In order to gain back the strength, you will have to clear every single thought that is in your mind.
 Build Your Own Happy world
When you feel sad and unable to figure out what you need to do next, you will have to stop waiting for some sort of miracle or incidents happening in your life to make you happy. You will have to create your own happiness, for example : Don’t wait for some friend’s call, call them and talk, Visit your relatives, plan an outing with friends or plan a visit to your hometown or family or friends. Try exploring new things, do what makes you happy.
Be Consistent with Regular positive changes
When you get that feeling that your life is quite stagnant because of the same routine you have been following, You need to understand that life is all about discovering and exploring new things which are still left to be explored. Do not rush, take simple steps or baby steps, try with small things and once you feel you can do more to your quest of exploring, take big steps.
Small changes be like : Be a reader – buy a new book, How about gardening ? or may Guitar or violin classes that you always wanted to take ?,  May be you can plan a trip to some hill stations or adventurous place.
Value Your Time
Spending most of the time with your Cell phone or wasting it over facebook will never help you. Such activities will drain your time and energy and won’t help you to stand back again. You need to go out in the real world, gain valuable experiences which will add value to your life. Try skipping useless TV shows; they are no good to you when you are broken. Value your time; spend it in adding value to your life.
Avoid Negative Energy
You can either live in past, “thinking about what happened or who did wrong to you or which decision was the worst in your life or your life is useless” OR you can plan your future by focusing in the right direction. You will have to understand that hard times are temporary and if we allow negative thoughts to control our mind, they will pull us down in the endless darkness.  Think of every hardship as an opportunity to grow and emerge as a wiser and a better person.

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