Things Happy Couples Do To Be Happy “Always”

We always admire couples who seem to be perfect, they have perfect relationship, perfect understanding, perfect life and perfect connection. Such couples give us several relationship goals which we want to achieve in our relationships as well. It is said that “Never judge a book by its cover” as you never know what is inside the book but, some couples have amazingly refreshing perfect relationship.

Being in relationship is about two individuals coming together and their power of love is too strong to overshadow various problems in the relationship and love each other despite of several flaws. Happiness in a relationship seems only possible in Disney nowadays, but we have jotted down some points which Happy couples follow to keep the flame of love burning and maintain that special bond.

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1. They give Quality Time

I strongly believe that the relationship is between two people and not the society, i.e. whatever be your commitment to your work or society that should not reduce the time you are supposed to give to your beloved. Also, don’t let anyone else interfere in your relationship. 
But, some people will always be around and they will play an important role in your relationship. Confused? Well, let us explain: Giving quality time doesn’t mean giving time just to your partner but also to what he/she loves. If he/she is close to his/her family, you should also try to give time to his/her family and believe me, this is one of the most special gift you can give to your beloved. Try helping them with their passion, their hobbies or may be help them with household work. You need to give your beloved that feeling that you are always around.
When you start doing this, you will always have a fair idea about what is going on in your partner’s life. This will also increase the bond and relationship will definitely grow stronger.
2. They give priority to each other

Happy couples understand that since they are in relationship, their partner should be the top priority to them. If you are in a serious relationship, you are accountable for two lives since your partner becomes an integral part of your life. Hence, you will have to work things in a way that it is beneficial for both of you.
Giving priority to each other is a different thing and prioritizing in life is a different subject altogether. In the above paragraph, we said that your partner should be the top priority and now, we will discuss how you need to prioritize things in your lives.
For example:
If you are married or in a domestic relationship, you may be sharing bank accounts as well. In such case, usually, you may WANT something but you two may NEED something else. Always put the NEED before the WANTS of yours. This was just an example of materialistic things. 
You will also have to work accordingly on your feelings. Never ever let your partner feel that you are not the one anymore. This might look a small statement to many but it has the power to eat up any relationship. Everyone starts a relationship based on some characteristics of the partner, such as sense of humor, confidence, artistic brain etc. according to their preferences. Once you know you love them, don’t let petty fights or misunderstandings destroy your bond. Prioritize your partner’s emotion and make them special always.
 3. Always there for each other

Happy couples don’t just stay in good times with each other, rather they are always there for each other no matter what happens. They care for their partner when they are sick, they keep patience when the partner is frustrated, they motivate when their partner is depressed.
Relationship is a long-term work, you just can’t get into a relationship and think that you don’t need to put efforts. Standing by your partner’s side is the most special thing you can do, this is something majority of people fail to do and therefore witness broken relationships.
Understanding your partner’s situation is quite important. At times, “I am OK or I am fine” statement from your partner doesn’t mean that they are really OK, it means that they are really frustrated and they are unable to share it. Now, you need to stand by them, calm them down and let them open up to you about their feelings. If you simply take their “I am OK” statement for true, you are not mature enough to handle a relationship.
4. Never stop exploring each other

In a happy relationship, couples never tend to get bored with their partners. They try to know more about them, specially their likes and dislikes. It can be about anything, hobbies, travelling, sexual fantasies and much more. 
They are open to experiments, they like trying what their partner likes or wishes to try. P.S. their sexual life is rocking as they are open to all levels of intimacy and support their partners in completion of their sexual fantasies. Never let the intimacy fade away in your relationship.

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