Habits Of Women Which End Relationship

We all go through ups and downs in our relationship. Sometimes, we end up in situations where we don’t even know what made it go wrong? Usually, we take things so lightly that we tend to ignore important things. In the end, when everything is over and we introspect, we are unable to understand the cause and hence, fail to facilitate our self with a reason which can provide us with psychological satisfaction.

Here, we thence bring you four habits of women which start to deteriorate a relationship and charm in the very beginning.

1)      Over-Analysing Anything and Everything

Some women tend to have a habit of over analyzing the events that might happen in future. They believe it is necessary to think about what may be the result if this is done or what may not happen if that is done. This habit may occur to the other person as an obsessive disorder. Also, they may many times lead to ruining the mood. Being certain about everything is not possible and feasible. This over analyzing ultimately leads to cribbing and irritates men to a great extent.

2)      Creating a Fantasy World

In a relationship, it is very important that both the partners act mature enough and understand the importance of practicality in life to be it professional or social life. This place does not allow building a fantasy world if we have to survive in this world. It is but obvious that the world is not a fair place to live in. If women tend to have ideas about their future which are impractical and absurd, this drifts away men from them since men like to lead a life free from complications and neither they wish to break someone’s ideal future plans.

3)      To Take Time or Wait for the partner to Express Their Feelings

It is very important that both partners express their liking towards each other. It is not a one-way process. Sometimes some women tend to believe that the relationship started when they get a little hint. But in the other person’s mind, it is very clear that how he wishes to take this thing forward. Such situations lead to a tensed atmosphere and might be a cause of fight many times in future. Hence, it is advised to clear things with your partner so that there is no misunderstanding later on.

4)      To pester your partner with questions

Women have a lot of questions in their mind. But one should not keep on asking questions all the time. Asking too many questions firstly, makes your partner believe that you do not trust him. Second, it irritates the person because every time one cannot be in a good mood to answer everything. And third, it makes the other person feel that his personal space is being been attacked. Everyone requires a little space to maintain their calm and be with their own self to sort their life.

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