Reasons Why Dating Your Best Friend Is Awesome

We all wish to have a relationship wherein our partner acts as a friend to you in times of need or rather he/she can be your best friend. I would like to know why we look for the best friend version of your partner rather than dating your best friend? We all have best friends with whom we wish to spend our most of the time. Your best friend is like is of so vital importance to you that your day is incomplete without talking to that person. All the good, the bad, the happy and the sad related to you is known to that person. That person has been making your life amazing since a long time. So don’t you think that if this person turns into the love of your life it is going to awesome? So here we highlight three reasons which may make you realize that dating your best friend is not a bad idea and has many perks and if you think you feel something for him/her, it’s time to confront.

No trust issues

This lovely person has been with you through your thick and thin. You have called him up when you were crying or when you had an emergency. He has been there for you and you trust him whole heartedly. He is the first person you send screen shots to when some funny conversation takes place. You have told him things about your family and you know it will remain a secret forever. So how is such a trust worthy person going to be a wrong person for you? Give it a thought. 

He knows you and accepts you

You have been terribly crazy in front of him and he never thought bad about you. You have made silly mistakes and he was standing right beside you. He actually that person after the family who accepted you in the way you are and does not want you to change. He has loved you as a crazy person and does not change his opinions. Such a person makes you feel comfortable about yourself and you don’t have to be fake ever in front of him. He knows your weaknesses and strengths already and is aware of how to handle things with you.

Loneliness no more exists for you

He has been the person whom you would call over to tell about pointless drama and now he is even more excited to know about it. He has been always there to listen to you and he is going to continue that no matter what happens. This is such an advantage which makes girls all the happier because girls love to talk and guys need a lot of patience to listen all about it which usually guys don’t have. but your best friend is someone who has already mastered in this area so now you don’t have to feel lonely because he s totally going to accompany you in everything and not leave you alone. 

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