20 Rules of Men that Women should know about

1)    Men are not “mind readers”.
We have no idea what is going on your mind so please do not assume that we will get to know that something is troubling you. Please tell us about it and we will surely try to sort out the problem. But we cannot read your mind so either tell us or don’t get angry.
2)    Don’t blackmail us by crying.
If you will cry, we have no choice but to listen to you. But why do you have to do that? Do not blackmail us by crying, we really don’t appreciate it.
3)    The toilet seat issue is never going to be resolved.
I know always leave the toilet seat up and you have told me to put it down million times already. But can’t you leave the toilet seat up? So let’s just settle this thing and not have any more fights about this. You keep it the way you want and I’ll keep the way I want.
Ask me : Dont Assume Things
4)    Ask what you want.
If you want something, tell us. Hits don’t work with us. We are really bad at picking hints and you should understand this. We are never going to get better in this guess game.
5)    You can answer with just a “yes” or “no”
If you mean a yes, say yes but if you mean to say no then say no. May be and I don’t know won’t work with us. If you say do as you like then we are definitely going without guy friends for drinks.
6)    Tell me about your problem if you want a solution and not sympathy.
So you told me about your problem and as a normal human being I will tell you how to get out of the problem. But if you are looking for sympathy then go to your female friends. They are really good with such kind of things.
7)    Don’t argue over past memories.
We don’t remember what happened 6 days r 6 weeks or 6 months ago. Having an argument over such a thing is totally unfair as we don’t remember anything and we only have one option and that is to agree with you.
8)    Don’t ask me whether you are fat or not
You asked me whether you are fat or not and I replied honestly. Now why are you angry me?
9)    We probably meant the opposite of what you interpreted it as.
The sentence had two meanings and you understood it that sense which I definitely didn’t mean so I am sorry but you misunderstood. So let’s move to the next one.
10)    Either do it yourself or else let us do it.
You told me you want it to be fixed and I am trying to fix it now. So don’t stand over there and give me instructions. Else you can do it yourself.
11)     Please talk during the commercials.
I finally got a chance to watch a game and this is the only time you remember that you have to talk to me about zillion of things. May be you can wait for the commercial and then speak?
12)  We don’t need directions
We exactly know the routes so please stop giving us directions. We seriously hate this habit .
13)  We aren’t interested in baby pink and salmon pink. Both are pink.
I believe I know about the basic 16 colors and that’s enough for me. Apricot and Plum are fruits for me and salmon a kind of fish.
14)   We go for the literal meaning, nothing means nothing to us.
I asked what’s wrong? And you answered nothing so now i’ll take that as your final answer because it’s of no use to get into that hassle.
15)   Don’t ask if you don’t want an answer.
You should seriously not ask me a question when you don’t want a reply. You can talk to yourself in that case.
16)    You can wear what you like and let me wear what I want to.
I’ll be wearing shorts and you can wear your pyjama. Let’s dress up in the way we are comfortable. You don’t have to dress up every time.
17)    I like sports and don’t ask me about it if you don’t wanna hear.
You know how crazy I am for sports so why do you ask me about who won if you don’t care? Please don’t do that, this hurts me.
18)   Yes, I think you have enough clothes.
You have so many clothes and you don’t need to go shopping every week. And even if you want to I am not going to accompany you every time. Please understand and cooperate.
19)   Yes, I believe you have too many shoes.
I also think you have many pair of shoes. I have never seen so many shoes together ever. Please don’t mind but they are enough.
20)    I am in shape, isn’t circle a shape?
I am not going to work out if I don’t want to. Every guy cannot have 6 pack abs and those actors you drool over are paid too much to be in shape and look good. I may be fat but I am happy.

And when you’ll share this with your girl, definitely you are going to sleep on the couch but you made them clear about really important things. All worth it, isn’t it? 
Men, Did we miss out on any necessary points ? Please comment
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