10 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

Do you feel like your relationship is not going in the right direction and you need to work on it? Sometimes we are so busy in our life that we start taking our relationship for granted. We start believing that it will stay as it was initially. But the bitter truth is nothing stays the same and we have to make efforts in order to keep it gleeful and not miserable. So here is a list of things you can do strengthen your bond.

1)   Be good friends

Before being each other’s better half you need to be each other’s good friend, actually best friends. Someone with whom you can share every joy and sorrow and be your real self without the fear of being judged. Being a good friend helps you in winning each other’s trust and makes you feel much more comfortable.

2)   Be appreciative

You know she looks pretty in that red dress ad you’ve told her that already many times so you don’t say that any more. But guess what, she still expects to hear that compliment and she’s wearing it just to get your compliment because it just makes her day .
He again booked a table in the same restaurant because it is your favourite and you have thanked him many times before so you dress up and don’t say anything this time. But he did make efforts for you again and everyone likes little appreciation, don’t you?
When someone makes an effort to put a smile on your face you should always appreciate it. A little sentence of yours can do wonders sometimes.

3)   Concentrate on present to be happy in future

You’ve started imagining your future together and working hard to achieve your goals, but your present and future both are really important. Do not forget to live today in order to live a beautiful tomorrow. Make the most of the present time or else what are you going to cherish in your future 20 years down the line?  

4)   Look for the good, don’t misconstrue

You have spent so much time together that now you know all about each other be it good or bad. You’ve noticed the wrong a little too closely and that irritates you sometime which makes you two fights. Let’s just agree with we all have a little bad but definitely a lot of good. So let’s concentrate on the good and move on with that. Stop finding faults and start exploring the amazing things about each other. Because all we wish is to be happy with each other.

5)   Partage power

Let share the power among each other and not try doing everything ourselves. No one can do everything on their own and we all need a little help so and nothing is wrong in it. You don’t need to get hyped up about every responsibility since it makes you angry and also it seems to be a little bossy. We all prefer doing some things in our own style so how about sharing the load equally ?

6)   Find similarities

Explore each other’s hobbies and find what they like doing more. Try to know what kind of a person he/she is? When you try to know about a person, you find a lot of similarities which makes you more interested in them. You can do these activities together and spend quality time. It will make you guys feel more connected.

7)   Try to understand anxiety and anger

Sometimes you have to understand the other person’s perspective as well. It’s not about you all the time. When he/she is angry, don’t get angry in return or feel offended. They might have had a bad day or they might really not have liked something you did. Humans have emotions and they show it quite often so be mature about it and handle the situation calmly.

8)   Try to minimise the negativity

You two are so fond of each other. Do not let negative things come in between and ruin this beautiful relationship. If you two have some issues, sit down and discuss. Do not linger it. Grudges do well to none.

9)   Concentrate on what’s amendable

You know things haven’t been good whenever you two discuss about a particular set of things and you cannot really help it. Then there are some things which you two can talk about and sort them because you both are ready to compromise and understand a little. So is it not better than you concentrate on what is amendable at this moment and be happy about it rather than fighting on issues which you know have no solutions right now for you two.

10)  Accept what can’t be resolved

 Life isn’t simple and so is a relationship. You can’t expect everything to go smoothly without any difficulties. If two people can’t agree on some issues it is quite obvious that there will be a lot of disagreements as well. Do not be disheartened about it. Just face the reality and accept it. This way it will be simpler for both of you and you can think more about things that are working out for you two. 

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