10 Things You Should Follow While Being Intimate

Intimacy is the best phase of a relationship as well it increases the bond between the lovers. Isn’t true? Yes, it is. Those moments are just meant to enjoy. You love, you play and you do almost everything you want with the beloved one. In order to make those moments perfect, you should follow some rules. These rules will strengthen the bond between you two and will help you explore more in your relationship.
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1. Make proper eye contact with your partner. This increases the connect between you two and gives positive vibes to your girl

2. Don’t rush. Be calm and let the things happen naturally. Its the best way to make your partner comfortable.

3. Be confident. Don’t get nervous. Nervousness spoils the mood and makes you conscious, which wont let you perform and enjoy the moment.

4. Love freely. Make love but be soft. Don’t be an animal. Remember, its about exploring body, not exploiting body.

5. Don’t just go directly to the point. Try to make each other comfortable first. Let your partner feel the same urge as this will boost the intimacy.

6. Make your partner realize that you love him/her actually. There is a difference between Lust and Love and let you partner feel that you are not here just for the body.

7. While kissing, if some awkward voice comes out, then don’t worry. It may happen. But don’t stop.
Enjoy the mood and your partner will understand.

8. Don’t force. Remember that you are making love not lust. Give the space and let the partner feel the same. Forcing for sex, won’t bring the trust and bond in a relationship.

9. Just don’t simply satisfy your needs but try to figure out what your partner wants. It’s Give and take relationship, if you want your fantasies to come true, you will have to fulfill your partner’s fantasies as well.

10. Enjoy what you are doing. Forget everything else and just love. Intimacy is at its best when you simply don’t think much about anything else. Just enjoy your partner’s feel and let the feelings flow on the top of your head.

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