10 Things You Can Relate To If You’re In Love

10 Things You Can Relate To If You’re In Love
Being in love is a fabulous feeling; your feet are barely on the ground and your mind endlessly thinks about your partner. When you fall in love or a committed relationship, you tend to do several activities which makes everyone else think that you might be in a relationship. Here are 10 things you can relate to if you’re in love:

You look different

While in love, You smile more, your heart will be racing and you’ll be smiling most of the times when you think about your partner or receive texts from them. When you will see your Old pictures, you would realise how changed you are now. You’ll have that special ‘glow’ on your face that you can easily notice.

Your thoughts are dominated

It’s all about them. What you’ll do together, where you’ll go and how much you’ll enjoy. Every plan is made with them being in it. You start seeing a future with them, not necessarily marriage and children but travel, adventures, fun and enjoyment.

Everything is a reminder

The songs on the radio are about them, the fragrance around you smells like them and every romantic movie or scenes would remind you of them. This happens because your partner is all over your mind and you couldn’t resist thinking about them.

When you’re apart, you’re still together

When you’re at work, you’re still together. When you’re away on a trip, you’re still together. You’re always together…in your mind. When you’re apart, you’re already looking forward to meeting them again.

You do embarrassing things which you cringe about later

Your Instagram posts are full of heart emojis and kissy faces and words like baby and darling. When you look back in the years to come, you’ll cringe at how sappy it all was.

You care more about your looks

You just need to look fabulous and attractive for your new beau so your make up and clothes are always on point. When your darling tells you that you look great, fireworks go off in your heart and it feels like all your efforts have been worth it because you hear what you were dying to. A compliment from them will mean more to you than the whole world’s compliments.

You go out of your way to make her / him special

If they like a restaurant all the way downtown, you’ll drop by to get them so take out. If they like to go to mall on the other side of town, it’s your weekly hangout. It might be difficult, but you’ll do everything to make them happy.

You’re ignorant

You don’t see any flaws in your other half. They’re perfect and everything they do is perfect. You feel super lucky and blessed to have them. You’re in a blissful ignorance of being with the most flawless human in the world.

You feel comfortable

You feel like telling them everything. From your shenanigans when you were five to your troubles when you were fifteen. You feel like you can tell them anything. They seem to be the ones who’ll understand you like nobody has.

Everything is exciting

If you study together, it’s great. If you’re working together, it’s wonderful. Even if they come over to do literally nothing, you enjoy every moment of it. You come to enjoy just their presence around you without any actual fun things to do.
Be thankful to be in love, you’re one of the lucky ones to have found your special one in this world full of 7 billion people. Make love not war!  

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