10 Things That Women Do Which Turns Off Men

Initially we all think that we should never change for anyone .we should love the way we are but there are always some habits which irritate the other person. Though we shouldn’t change for someone but to change for better won’t be wrong, isn’t it? So here we have a list of the most common things done by a woman which turns off a man.

When she nags about everything

It’s okay when you complain about the wrong thing but if you’ll start complaining about every little thing, he is surely going to get irritated. He is surely not going to tolerate too much nagging.

When she is being too flirty and over friendly

When you are being a little naughty, he’ll find it nice but if you are crossing your limit and being over friendly with him it will just mess up the things and create a very bad impression.

When she talks too much

He likes listening to you but take care that you don’t speak way too much. Sometimes silence does wonder too. After a long and hectic day all he wants to do is to spend quality time with you and not a situation where you go on blabbering about everything.

When she never listens

Girls always talk more as compared to guys. But there are days when he is anxious and would like you to listen to him. He would love to speak his heart out to you too. This makes him feel more confident about you.

 When you start having too many fights

Nobody likes to fight and when you are having a fight every day, it just turns him off. No one likes to have a bad day and this surely makes him less interested in you. So try to avoid fighting over petty issues.

When she is too obsessive

Anything in excess leads to problems. Same applies for obsession. You should not obsess how he should do things. If he wants to go to the gym he will do it when he has time and when  he wishes to. You stressing over such things only makes him angry and ends you two in an argument.

When she is fake

You don’t have to pretend. Be the way you are. If you don’t like a particular cuisine and he does , be vocal about it because otherwise it ends you up in an uncomfortable situation . he will get a wrong idea of you and this surely would act as a demerit in future.

When she is too selfish

Don’t be mean. This doesn’t restrict to the guy only but it includes everyone. He will observe how you behave with everyone. Kindness is such a virtue that makes everyone like you very much more. So don’t be self centred and think about others too.

When she is not cool with the “Guys Time”

This one is really important. No guy likes when you interfere in his guys time. He loves them very much and he used to go out with them even when you weren’t there so to expect him not going with them is totally uncool and not done. You should understand that friends are important o him like yours matter to you. If you going to give him a hard time about this then things are not going to work for a long time.

When she talks about her ex

Do not compare him with your ex and do not talk about your ex in front of him. That thing is over and you should concentrate on your present now. He is a completely different person and you have no reason to pester him with your doubts because your last relationship did not work out. So be concerned about him and talk about things related to him.
Since now you have read about things that can possibly make him upset , take care of these things and don’t give him a reason to be angry with you. 

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