Japanese way of Releasing Stress in 5 Minutes

Stress has become a part of our daily lives nowadays. Though a little stress is okay and bearable but when this stress extends its width and length and tries encapsulating our lives, it starts destroying our personality and relationships with others. It affects us so adversely that we start going into a dark gloomy place and sadness starts forming clouds around us. Therefore, we present you a simple Japanese trick which will help you to relieve stress in just five minutes and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated without much effort put into it.
To put this technique to use, one needs to understand that every finger of our hand represents different feelings or attitude towards life. To be precise this is what our fingers represent:-
·         Thumb – It helps us to combat emotions like anxiety and worry. It helps to reduce stomach pain, skin problems, neurosis, and headache.
·         Index Finger – It helps to fight our fears. It helps to relieve us from a backache, toothache, muscle pain and problems with digestive system.
·         Middle Finger – It helps to control our anger issues. It helps to reduce menstrual pain, migraine, and tiredness.
·         Ring Finger – It helps us to fight depression and sadness. It helps to reduce respiratory problems, asthma, digestive problems and skin diseases.
·         Pinky Finger – It helps us to increase our confidence level and gives us a moral boost. Also, it makes us feel calm and positive. It helps to reduce heartache, throat pain, bone problems and stomach bloating.
Now, Here are the instructions for you.
To maintain a balance between the energies of your body you have to hold the finger with the opposite hand. Then wrap all the fingers and thumb around that finger. Now, hold each finger for one to two minutes. You will know it is working when you feel a pulsating sensation in your body.
To calm your mind, you have to apply slight pressure with the thumb of your other hand in the center of your palm and you have to hold it like that for a minute or two.
It is advisable to try to maintain a calm breathing while performing this.
Also, it is advisable to practice this technique every day in order to remain calm and maintain a balance between the energies of your body and feel the difference in your life cycle.
This is one of the aspects of JIN SHIN JYUTSU, which is a healing art form in Japan and it based on the principle of our nervous system being spread out in our entire body and thence when we put pressure on one particular nerve ending, it sends out a message to the entire body. Also, this technique has no side effects so one can perform it without worrying.

 Hope you will find this technique useful since it is not very difficult to perform and you can do it anywhere and everywhere.

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