A Tight slap to Communal Mamta Bannerjee

Kolkata High Court’s decision to allow Idol immersion on the occasion of Durga Puja on October 1 is a tight slap on the communal face of Mamta Bannerjee (CM of West Bengal). Earlier. she had put a ban on idol immersion just because it falls the same as Muharram. She has been involved in Muslim appeasement politics for a very long time and now it has come to such an extent that now she is dividing Hindus and Muslims to gain votes.

She along with the Trinamool Congress have become the biggest goons West Bengal has ever seen and she is now capitalising on every event wherein she can fool Muslim community and turn them against the Hindus. West Bengal is burning because of Hindu Muslim riots and Mamta Banerjee & her muslim appeasement is the main reason of these riots in which many Hindus have died. Interestingly, Mamta has not accepted that there were riots in the state and she even denied her party members being involved in these riots but, the you can find many of the news being reported about the riots in the state. I have added 2 links of riots being reported by mainstream medias, please check:

What is the complete story?

Mamta Bannerjee had put a ban on idol immersion on September 30 after 10 PM and October 1 (Vijaya Dashmi) because Muharram falls on October 1. Clearly, it is a way to please orthodox Muslim community for votes and make Hindus suffer because of this. Ideal solution would have been that both communities follow their culture at the same time rather than stopping people from the other community from following their culture. She very well knows that she has created the division between Hindu and Muslim community and if she has to please Muslim community for votes, she will have to give them preference. Interestingly, she did the same in 2016 and she was thoroughly embarrassed by the high court, yet she chose to do the same. You can see the pattern that is being followed her to appease muslims.

What was the Kolkata High Court’s verdict? (As Reported by HT)

Kolkata High court simply reversed the decision by Mamta Bannerjee and said that the state can not hinder a citizen’s right to follow their religion & culture on basis of assumption of law/order disruption. Court also mentioned that the Statement Government may have the powers but these powers are not unlimited and she can not draw a line between two communities. Court even advised that different routes can be followed or diversions can be made so that people from both religion can follow their religion and culture.

What has been Mamta’s reaction on this High Court order?

Mamta Bannerjee as expected behaved like a communal agent whose main motive is to divide Hindus and Muslims. She responded that she will follow this policy of banning the idol immersion if it clashes with Muharram even if a gun is pointed to her. This is such a low level statement by Mamta Bannerjee.

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