Things To Do When Someone Close Ignores You

Nothing hurts more than the ignorance of your loved ones. When the person you really care for starts giving you cold vibes, it kind of makes your world stop and mind is stuck with this constant thought where you’d do anything to make things normal between you and your friend. So just to help you go through this situation, we have some things that you might try and sort out this problem.

1) Introspection

Try doing introspection and finding it when did things actually started turning out this way. What was the last time you two spent a good time without you having a feeling that you are being ignored? What events have taken place since which you are feeling this way? Did you do anything which your friend doesn’t like at all?
This will help you to find out the problem and make you feel relieved as you know you are trying to solve things from your side.

2) Try to contact them

Don’t take this on your ego. Try to talk to them. Contact them. Maybe spam them as well. If they used to be an important part of your life they would acknowledge these efforts after some time. Initially they will get irritated because they are ignoring you because of some reason but then if you are making efforts, it is going to melt their heart soon enough. Stay positive, that’s the key.

3) Have patience

So you’ve tried contacting them several times and they aren’t replying, now it’s time that you become patient enough and give them some time for decision making.
If they really want things to be back to normal, they are going to revert to in time and try to make this friendship work again. After all, No one likes losing friends.

4) Be Humble

The other person who’s ignoring you might be going through an emotional turmoil and cannot express whatever they feel like and because of this the conversation turns aggressive. He may shout or show sounds of resentment but maintain your calm and remain cool. Be humble and polite to them. It will make them realize that what they are doing won’t help anyone and you really wish to mend things here.

5)  Think about someone who can intervene

You two might have some common friends who would like to help in such a situation. Think of them and ask for help. This can work many times and won’t even be uncomfortable for you two since you both know the third person.

6) Apologize

Apologizing does not make anyone big or small and if it can help you in saving your friendship then you should really go for it.
Apologizing proves that how important something or someone is for you that you put your ego aside and do it.

7) Give yourself a break

You’ve tried a lot and now you cannot bug them every moment. They have to understand and realize as well. So now relax and stop thinking about it.
If things are meant to be this way then you can’t change destiny, can you?

8) Ignore them and live on

So you’ve literally tried everything. And now it’s not on you anymore. They decide to leave you mid way, now you should ignore them back. If someone can’t value you, you can’t keep on trying and waiting for that one fine day when they get enlightened and realize that should not have been so reluctant and adamant. They should have spoken about it and solved it.
We hope that this will help you to sort out your differences between you and your friends.

If we missed out any important point, please share it in the comment section below.

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