Things That Every Teenage Girl Needs To Know

Teenage is that phase of our life in which we enjoy the most but no doubt we make the most of the mistakes in that phase too. Yes, it is true that we learn from our own mistakes but sometimes we should avoid making mistakes or taking wrong decisions when we already know that the result might not be really good for us. We should try to stay away from trouble as much as we can because prevention is better than cure.
Teenage is such a time that we get fascinated by a lot of things. Little things attract us so much that it diverts our mind and makes us follow wrong paths in our life. So for all the teen girls, we have a little list that they must know and this will help them to take decisions wisely.

Don’t let the bad overpower the good in you

You will come across many stories where your friends or friends of friends end up making a wrong decision and then have to pay a big price for it. Learn from their mistakes. Don’t do stupid things and stay away from the bad ( yes this includes drugs ). Remember if you cannot take care of yourself then no one can.

Boys are whatever but your friends will stay forever

Don’t run after boys so much that you end up losing your dear friends. They are actually the ones who are going to stick with you through your thick and thin. How do you plan to enjoy night outs or slumber parties or do projects or gossip if you don’t have friends? Remember fries before guys! It’s much better to go to a cafe with your friends than going with a guy who won’t be in your life after few months. Don’t ditch your friends.
You are beautiful – Don’t Let Anyone Judge you on this
There is a phase in every girl’s life when she is growing up where she thinks that she is not pretty. It makes her doubt herself and demotivates her. Her confidence level drops down and she fears to face the world. But what she really needs to know is that she is perfect the way she is. There is no need to be conscious about you. Being fat or skinny is just a phase and no one has the right to make you feel bad about it so don’t allow someone to make you feel bad.
Have ambitions
In order to achieve something in life you have to work hard for it so start having ambitions. Start with small goals and then have big goals. It keeps you motivated and fills you with positive energy. When you achieve a small goal it just makes you feel so proud of yourself that you have more ambitions. Being positive is very important in life and this is what makes you go.

Treasure memories

You are young, wild and free. Your whole life is there in front of you so enjoy this phase. Don’t worry so much. Bunk a little classes, go out with friends, watch movies, have slumber parties and gossip. Eat what you want, do fashion experiments and enjoy your life to the fullest. This phase is not going to come back. Be strong and independent. Take decisions wisely. Spend a good time with good people so that after 10 years you have good memories and when you look back you have a tear in your eye because of all the laughs you once had with your favorite people at this point in time.
So girl be proud of yourself. Don’t let anyone over-power you .have a strong will and keep your head up. Rise and shine and the world is going to be yours.

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