Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Lack Social Skills

It is evidently noticed that people who are highly intellectual do not indulge in many social activities. They confine themselves into space where they are comfortable. People often misjudge such people since the interaction is minimal with them. Hence, intelligent people face more difficulty in coping up in social spaces. So if you are an intelligent person and making a lot of friends and keeping up with them turns out to be a problem for you, this post will definitely make you feel better.
Here goes the list of reasons as to why it happens:
It is difficult for them to let go of and not make a point to the other
When an intellectual is a part of a conversation, he/she assumes it to be his/her duty to make sure it goes in the right direction and people actually get his point. Sometimes when an intellectual wants to correct the other but the other is adamant about not listening and gets offended, it makes the situation even worse for the intellectual to converse the next time.
When they talk, they make sure to go to its depth
If they are talking, they really talk about it from A to Z so that no information is left out. For them, it is important but for others, it might become boring. This results in various reactions by the other people who are unpleasant. Hence, gives a feeling of alienation from the crowd to the intellectual.
They are highly self-protective
Since they regard themselves as intellectual beings, they do not wish to show their vulnerabilities in front of other people. To feel less superior is not their cup of tea. They will talk or they will just walk out. They do not wish to show that they are unaware of something. This makes other feel disrespectful sometimes.
They are very secretive
To them, private life is supposed to be kept private. They do not open up very easily. When in a group, people indulge in conversations regarding family or personal life but an intellectual maintains a distance and just listens. This makes others feel that they cannot connect with them and hence they also maintain a distance.
They are anxious beings
Being practical and rational beings, an intellectual is aware of the fact that this world is not a fair place to live in. This vicious circle of life includes people who might hurt you or think of unreasonable thinks about you. Hence, these anxieties issues lead to living in a shell and compromising on their social skills in order to stay safe.
They are aware of what the other might do
Intellectual people dwell in the habit of anticipation. They are conscious about what the other might think or do in future. They can anticipate the flaws or actions of others much before. In order to avoid any unpleasant scenario, they like to not interact with others because of the same reason. This may seem to be rude to others.
They are very well aware of their own capabilities too
What kind of effect can an incident last on them is something that intellectuals are very well aware of. Because of the same, they keep a close watch on everything and anything. His observation leads to a kind of consciousness where they think being away from the limelight is a much better idea.
They find it difficult to start a conversation
For them, their area of interests is very different from others. They think that if they will talk about things they like it will result in a boring conversation. In order to avoid a dull and monotonous conversation, they do not initiate a conversation at all.
Usual is boring for them
For them, the usual area of interests is boring for them. They do not look for the element of fun and entertainment is everything. It is restricted to a certain amount. Hence, it becomes difficult to interact with others and find a common area of interest in such a case.
They tend to over-think
Intellectuals have this very bad habit of over-thinking and over analyzing situations. They always look at all the aspects of doing or saying something. Sometimes you cannot avoid what is going to happen irrespective of all the precautions you take. To let go things with the flow is sometimes a good solution but to employ this is very difficult for them. Hence they over-think and put themselves in a bad mood.

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