How To Make People Realize Your Importance ?

Fed of being taken for granted? Do you feel people at times don’t value you or don’t realize your importance even if you are good to them? It is very common that when you act selfless and helpful soul, people start taking you for granted. They think that they don’t need to acknowledge your efforts or even say few good words to you when you do something for them. It is like they assume that you are going to do whatever they will ask you to do because you did that for them earlier as well. But this thing starts hurting after a while and you do not like the fact that people are taking your existence for granted.
So we have some important things that you should keep in mind so that no one takes undue advantage of yours and doesn’t anymore take you for granted.

Realize your importance yourself

First and foremost, it is you yourself who has to realize your importance. If you do not believe in it , someone else is never going to do it . You have to prioritize things and let others know that “ hey buddy I know I’ve helped you but I cannot do it this time.” You have to respect yourself and then you can see that the things will start falling into place as well.

Set some limits

You need to understand that helping too much and being available for everyone 24 by 7 is giving a wrong impression to people. Helping others is good but again do you deserve to be taken granted because of that? So set some limits and let yourself know that you are not going to go out of the way to make things happen for someone else. Live for yourself first before living for others. And everyone doesn’t deserve your help.

Spend time with yourself

You need to know yourself and it’s important that you spend some time with yourself. If you get a call from a friend and they want you to come over for some work, make sure it is really important and it is something that they can’t deal with themselves. Don’t just make yourself available for every small thing that your friends’ or others need you for, it minimises your value in the eyes of your friends. Make them realize your importance.

Learn to say NO

Are you one of those who can’t say NO? It’s not so difficult. Just two alphabets and less than two seconds. If you’ll reply with a YES every time they start taking you for granted and assume that you have no important schedule at all.

Walk off if they hurt you

If your friends or the so called friends- the people you socialize with tend to hurt you in any manner, don’t fear and do exhibit your anger. Let them know you are hurt and what they did was wrong. Not only this makes them realize their mistake but also makes them aware of the fact that you are not going to tolerate any kind of nonsense ever. It shows you are a strong person and know when and where to speak.

Don’t change yourself

We in no manner mean to say that you have to change your nature. Its really great to be a humble, generous and helpful person. But you have to understand that this is a big bad world and everyone is not going to be as good as you. You have a pure heart but the next person might be in search of someone like you who would do all his work and he could enjoy himself.
What we here are trying to say is that it is really important for every individual to understand his importance so that he can have a great influence on him as well as others. It makes him smarter and tells him how to deal with people because no one deserves to be ill treated and wishes to live a life full of dignity and respect.

Did We miss out on any importance aspect? Please comment and share your feedback 🙂

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